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Is there such a product?(5 posts)

Is there such a product?maddog
Apr 16, 2001 5:39 AM
I only have one bike that is a training bike, commuting bike, and sunday ride to the market bike. What I am looking for is a clipless pedal system for which I can buy platform (or even toe-clip) "adaptors" that will work with the pedals. This would make it much easier to jump on the bike in a pair of tennis shoes and go a couple blocks down to the video store. Are there such products? Thanks, in advance, for the info.
Apr 16, 2001 5:46 AM
Adaptors (platform and toe clips) that clip into pedals are made for both Look and SPD systems. They also make double-sided SPD pedals (platform on one side, clip on the other), but these are more for mtn/hybrid bikes.
re: Is there such a product?Mel Erickson
Apr 16, 2001 6:05 AM
I think Performance still carries the adapters and maybe the two sided pedals as well.
re: Is there such a product?maddog
Apr 16, 2001 6:34 AM
Thanks. Probably should have been able to find this myself, but became terribly frustrated when the disinterested 17 year old at the LBS seemed awed by the complexity of my question.
performance campus pedalsmilsk8
Apr 16, 2001 7:35 AM
Go to, they have a pair of pedals called the campus pedal. I have a pair and they are great. They're also only $39.95, which is cheaper than almost all other clipless pedals. Clipless on one side and platform on the other. Nashbar has a cheaper pair too, for only $19.95 at