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Are Euro Sizes different than US? And Bib short question!(5 posts)

Are Euro Sizes different than US? And Bib short question!Twiggymt
Apr 15, 2001 7:38 PM
Hey, I'm looking at some saeco/C-dale Bib shorts online. Their from a european retailer who lists them as a medium (26-28). Now , my waist is usually a 32, but I do take a medium normally. Should these shorts fit me or are they sized differently from american shorts??

Are bib shorts more comfortable than regular shorts?

I'd call/email the retailer to be sure, but...boy nigel
Apr 15, 2001 7:56 PM
a size small is generally not even 26-28 inches. Usually 29-30". I'd check--just to be sure. Can't see a medium being THAT small.

I wore regular shorts years ago, then discovered bibs--no looking back. I find them much more comforable and supportive than "shorts."

1) No waist binding.
2) No riding down in the back (or front).
3) If you happen to have a little extra in the stomach (some folks do), bibs hold it in comfortably and de-emphasize it, unlike shorts.
4) They stay put.

I can't tell from your name (Twiggy used to be a woman model), but bibs aren't usually worn by women because of certain...well...appendages getting in the way of the straps. Only one way to find out, though. You can surely return them if not satisfied/comfortable. Just wash 'em out first! ;)

Hope this helped.
Thanks!!I'll write to them. And ...Twiggymt
Apr 15, 2001 8:05 PM
yes I am a guy!!

re: Are Euro Sizes different than US? And Bib short question!zelig
Apr 16, 2001 1:41 AM
In Euro size, you need a xlarge or a size 5 for a 32" waist. I have a 30" waist and wear a large or size 4 in most Euro size bibs. And yes, Bibs are the way to go. I have a pair of Saeco/C-Dale bibs from their 2000 color scheme. Although the label says Cannondale, the chamois is imprinted by Nalini and they are cut and made like my other Nalini shorts.
Might get away with a 4...Marlon
Apr 16, 2001 10:32 AM
Like Zelig, I've got a 30" waist, but I find that size 3 does it for me, for bib shorts. Bib tights, I'll move up to a 4, but then again, it depends on the manufacturer.