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Pro-Link Chain Lube - How long does it last?(6 posts)

Pro-Link Chain Lube - How long does it last?L. Allen
Apr 15, 2001 12:55 PM
I cleaned my chain and drive-chain thoroughly, applied a generous amount of ProLink, wiped off the excess, and let it dry. Since then I have ridden approx. 12 hours. The chain is not as quiet as the first ride, but it is still shifting fine, and not squeeking. When is it time to re-lube?

Thanks in advance!
don't believe the hype...dave
Apr 15, 2001 3:18 PM
This lube is nothing but mineral spirits and oil. You can make a gallon of the stuff for the price of a 4 ounce bottle of Pro-Link. Mix 3 or 4 parts mineral spirits to one part synthetic motor oil. It will function the same as Prolink.

The idea of not relubing until something squeaks is advice that will result in short chain and cog life. Lube and wipe the chain at least every week to maximize chain and cog life.
They are all overpriced for what they are.J.S.
Apr 16, 2001 9:10 AM
Pedros Ice Wax and Finish Line are wax with a petroleum carrier. At least Pro Link uses a quality synthetic lube as the anti-friction agent as opposed to wax. You pay for the convenience, and like someone else posted one bottle lasts me almost a year, I don't really need to make 2 gallons.
Depends on use, butKerry Irons
Apr 15, 2001 4:08 PM
I get around 300-350 miles (15-17 hours) between lubes. When a chain is new, the lube seems to "last" longer, but since I mostly lube based on the calendar, I don't really test the ultimate limit. If I get caught in the rain, I may need a "touch-up" before my regularly scheduled chain lube. Never wait until the chain starts sqeaking - that means the lube is gone and you're grinding metal on metal. Sounds like it's about time for you to lube again.

Regarding "believing the hype" several places I have seen the reference to 3-4 parts odorless mineral spirits to one part synthetic motor oil as being the same thing as ProLink. This may be just fine, I've never used it. At about one bottle of ProLink per season (two bikes, around 15K miles total), I guess I can't be bothered synthesizing my own lube for $5 a year.
Depends on use, butlook271
Apr 15, 2001 7:30 PM
I agree. I use the stuff and it works great. I bought 2 bottles a year and a half ago, and still have some left. I always relube after I get my drive-train wet. Still shifts ok, but it makes me nervous if I don't.
might be hype, but it's cheap hypeJon(unregistered)
Apr 16, 2001 12:01 PM
Well, I relube after about 200 miles, road or mountain, and the chain stays quiet, so I'd recommend that as a starting point. I'm tempted to try the Mobil 1/odorless mineral spirits idea, but I really don't need a gallon of chain lube (I still have to work, and I can only ride so far...). Plus, the stuff is priced pretty reasonably compared to the other "dry" lubes, and I don't mind supporting a smaller business.
I also use their EPX grease, which supposedly has the same anti-friction additive as the lube, and it's nice enough to buy again (except I bought the 14 oz. tube, and it looks to last through 5 yars or so of bearing changes.) It starts out nice and tacky, so reassembly is easy, but thins out after a few miles of riding, and is so smooth.
So, most of this os off-topic, but I'd say every 200 miles, after a wet ride, or once a week, and you'll be safe. Jon