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Are on-line classifieds risky?(3 posts)

Are on-line classifieds risky?Maxx
Apr 15, 2001 11:37 AM
I'm thinking of buying a high-end wheelset online from a private posting (like, etc, etc). Is this a risky thing to do? I am totally paranoid about finding a deal too good to be true like buying something "as good as new" or "only ridden to church by grandma" when infact it has been flogged or crashed. Has anybody had any bad experiences or advice on how to go about this so I don't get scr..d! Or am I just being stupidly paranoid about this.....

Thanks for any advice, Maxx
Good experienceMel Erickson
Apr 15, 2001 2:57 PM
I've bought mucho via the classifieds at MTBR and Roadbikereview. Four bikes, Cannondale SuperV 900, Softride Solo, Fisher KaiTai, Santana Tandem, headshok, derailluer, wheels, pedals, etc. Never been burned, everything was as advertised. No hassle with payment. Just a great overall experience. Check the seller out, ask for references on higher priced items, use Paypal for more valuable goods (COD is useless), get pictures, check out the good trader/bad trader forum on MTBR (many people sell road as well as mountain equipment). It's fed my habit well and at very reasonable prices.
re: Are on-line classifieds risky?Wessley
Apr 15, 2001 3:57 PM
There are a few 1%ers out so there is always risk . Of many deals I have done,only one was bad and the seller made it right when I posted to Good trader/bad trader.But some won't. if its high dollar and involves something where the description may be subjective, consider escrow. One buyer I sold a frame to used it and it worked for both of us.