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Anyone use the Sigma Sport PC-14 Heartrate Monitor?(5 posts)

Anyone use the Sigma Sport PC-14 Heartrate Monitor?boy nigel
Apr 13, 2001 9:09 AM
Looking to take my riding to the next level, and looking for a solid HRM. Sigmas are a LOT less expensive than Polars, but do they work as well? I've read the four mixed RBR reviews for the Sigma PC-6 (low-end model), but no one's reviewed the PC-14 yet. Colorado Cyclist sells it for $69.99, just to clarify which unit I'm interested in.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

re: Anyone use the Sigma Sport PC-14 Heartrate Monitor?Maui
Apr 13, 2001 7:57 PM

I've used the PC-6 for a year and a half on 80% of my road rides. I've never had a problem. Although this HRM may be lacking some of the features of the high end Polars, it's very good for monitoring the intensity of a ride.
Thanks, Maui.boy nigel
Apr 14, 2001 6:36 PM
Seems that no one's using Sigma HRMs (except yourself--and four reviewers on this site, unless you were one of them). I'll still get the PC-14, most likely, since a) I've been impressed with Sigma's BC800 wireless computer and b) the PC-14's a LOT less expensive than similarly featured Polars.

Glad yours is treating you well. Do you find it to be well made? How's the belt for comfort? Have you had to replace the battery yet? Good battery life?

Again, thanks.
Thanks, Maui.Maui
Apr 15, 2001 7:13 AM
I haven't noticed anyone else using Sigma, but it's been very good for me. My brother uses a Polar that was 3 times the price of my Sigma. After the same period of use, his battery stopped 1st. I haven't changed my battery yet but I imagine that it must be fairly close to empty by now.

My Sigma belt is just as comfortable as my brother's Polar, but his watch is more elegant. The Sigma is geeky, early 80's wrystwatch looking. Even so, I've used mine in the heat, cold and rain. There hasn't been a problem yet.

Treat yourself; mine has helped me maintain the intensity of my rides. I was pretty lazy before wearing a HRM. Even so, sometimes I take a lazy ride with my Sigma just for fun - like this morning.
Cheers.boy nigel
Apr 15, 2001 8:36 PM
The PC-14 is their newest, and is pretty cool looking, really. I too have been "lazy," and want something to show me just how hard my heart's really working on these rides. As well, I'd like to stay in certain zones for fat-loss and aerobic conditioning for periods of time; no better way to do it, eh?

Big thanks again for your responses; I'm sold! I really can't see why Polars "need" to be SO expensive. Sure, it's technology--and sports equipment's always priced higher than it seems necessary--but come on, right? It's plastic/metal with a computer chip inside of it. Can't be too much more complex than a cyclocomputer, and we all know just how cheap they are and how complex they can get.

Enjoy the rides, and especially the "lazy" ones!