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Specialized P-Brain?(2 posts)

Specialized P-Brain?must_pedal_harder
Apr 13, 2001 8:07 AM
Right now I'm debating over the P-Brain and the Polar Coach + separate computer for bike functions.

The altitude feature seems nice, but I'm not too crazy about the aesthetics of the unit, or Specialized's experience in the HM business.

The Coach has more HM functions, but it's also more expensive here (slightly), add in a separate computer and it may well be $100 more then the P-Brain...

Let me know of your experience with the P-Brain and the Coach!
re: Specialized P-Brain?Lazy
Apr 13, 2001 8:20 AM
Someone here mentioned the Polar S710, (cyclometer/hrm combo) which should be available soon. I looked at the web page, and that is one sweet unit. It even has a power measuring attachment coming out soon. I think it's gonna be pretty expensive, but if you can wait it might be worth it.

As far as the Polar Coach goes, it's a pretty nice unit. The only drawback I've found with it is the downloading to the PC feature. It works on sound. You have to hold it up to your mic. on your computer and hold it there while it beeps the info into the software. Sometimes takes me 5-6 tries to get it to go completely.

I have absolutely no experience with the P-brain, but I've heard mixed reviews.