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Conditions for Paris-Roubaix(2 posts)

Conditions for Paris-Roubaixmike mcmahon
Apr 13, 2001 5:16 AM
I just thought I'd share this photo, which someone had posted on the Cycling Forum board:

Any thoughts on a likely winner under these conditions? I like Museeuw to win one last time. However, Tchmil seems to thrive on a mud-covered course.
Looks fabulousSimpleGreen
Apr 13, 2001 7:30 AM
Now i wish i have OLN! I'd rather spend my money on tires or something though instead of cable TV.

George Hincapie is in good form right now. He's a favorite, and USP might have a stronger classics team this year. Of course, it often comes down to luck and GH has been unlucky at P-R

The Mercury boys are riding well. What about Van Bon? Van Petegen has been ill, so i think he won't be there at the end. Mapei is always hard to bet against too. Zabel is an outside threat. he's become a good classics rider, but I doubt zabel will attack himself. He usually hopes for a small bunch sprint at the end.

It'll be an interesting weekend of racing!