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Where do you carry YOUR stuff?(26 posts)

Where do you carry YOUR stuff?STEELYeyed
Apr 12, 2001 5:30 PM
I always carry my wallet,cell phone and pepper spray in a fanny pack wrapped around my seat pack when riding,and on my fanny when off the bike. In my seat pack I carry a bike tool,CO2 inflator,
6-CO2 cartridges,tire lever,spare tube and patch kit. Anybody else carry anything differently? I would like some suggestions to cut weight on my neccessary items.
you seem over preparedjohn de
Apr 12, 2001 5:35 PM
im sure you know you dont need almost any of that stuff...i carry a tiny pump with a rubber band holding on a tire lever and a light tube...and water...this all goes in those pockets on the back of my jersey..maybe a couple of bucks under the rubber band but thats all i think ive ever needed...ditch the rest
What do you need all that for?TJeanloz
Apr 12, 2001 5:52 PM
Wallet? Just roll a $10 bill and stuff it into the end of your handlebar.

Cell Phone? You're on your bike, do you really want to be bothered? Or, more seriously, are you really going to call your wife if you have a little problem on the road?

Pepper Spray? I've never met an assailent that couldn't be put in his (its) place with a Zefal HPX pump.

Bike tool? Alright, I'll give you that one, as long as it's not a Topeak Alien (nobody needs that much tool kit).

CO2? God gave us the pump, use it. 6 Cartridges? That's got to be bigger and weigh more than one pump.

Tire Lever? I'll give you that.

Spare tube? Fair enough.

Patch kit? You've already got a spare tube, how many flats are you planning to get before you call it a day?

What you need (in my opinion): A pump; fits nicely under the top tube. A spare tube; fits either in jersey pocket or smallest of saddlebags.
Tire lever; fits in any tiny bag or pocket.

I'm willing to bet I've ridden >30,000 miles with no more carry-on baggage than this.
What do you need all that for?HeldHostageByTechnology
Apr 12, 2001 6:33 PM
My job requires that I carry a pager 24/7. That being said, if I am riding for more than an hour, I have to carry a pager, especially on weekdays. A pager is no good without a cell phone. Also, if I am riding alone, I feel much more comfortable with the cell phone. So far I carry most of this stuff in my Camelbak
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Von Zip
Apr 12, 2001 6:21 PM
You might want to carry a spoke wrench. They come real handy if a spoke goes and the wheel rubs on the stays. Very light and take up very little room.
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Thioderek
Apr 12, 2001 6:29 PM
2 tire levers
1 tube
credit card
insurance card
small pump
1 patch kit

If I had more than 2 flats, the bike goes in the bushes and I walk.
You left a lotta stuff out ...Breck
Apr 12, 2001 9:31 PM
Can't resist this so here goes [:!)

Into the Burley Kids pull behind trailer goes:
1 cast iron skillet, spatula, knife and fork
1 pack of salt & pepper, Tabasco, A-1 steak sauce, Ketchup
1 large can Ranch Style beans
1 5 lb. bag rice
1 small bag mixed mushrooms
1 Coleman butane stove, matches
0 pepper spray, instead suggest....
1 Walker Single Action Colt; 25 rounds of ammo in the open
1 sawed off double barrel Browning shot gun concealed; 20 shells
1 complete set of Classics, Latin
1 complete set of Classics, Greek
1 North Face 4-seasons tent
1 North Face down bag
1 Coleman lantern, double burner w/ flint starter
1 GPS receiver
1 Boom Box, eight "D" Nicads
5 assorted Desert Island CD's
1 change of shorts, jersey, socks
1 pair extra gloves & sunglasses
1 glacier goggles
1 pair swim trunks, snorkel, mask
1 shark repellant
1 pair sandals
1 beach towel
1 wash rag, soap, toiletries, aspirin, etc.
1 First Aid Kit
1 high pitch dog whistle
1 small length Mamut climbing rope
5 assorted small caribiners
2 liters Palomar Mountain spring water
1 roll of quarters for the phone
1 K-Mart bike pump, levers, patch kit
2 spare tires, tubes, xtra spokes, nipps
1 complete Park tool kit
1 portable bike stand
1 flash light
1 Swiss Army knife
? leave anything important out?
Now I do try and keep it under 100 lbs.
Now where we goin'?

Actually four of us did do a desert trip pulling two Burley Trailers with MTB's. It was written up by Rich Wolf in a San Diego Local bike rag a few or more years ago.

What kind of mushrooms do you suggest?nmOutWest
Apr 12, 2001 10:58 PM
shiitake ( shih-TAH-kee ) mushrooms ...Breck
Apr 13, 2001 6:20 AM
Actually no mushrooms, iron skillets, firearms, et-cets. The fire arms, Classics, iron skillet, was a tribute to the old mountain man Norman Clyde of the eastern Sierra who used to carry this stuff in his rucksac while climbing witht the hob nailed boots.

Our possible included water, food to cook, stove, fuel, tent, bike stuff. The bulk of the weight was water as we were traveling "remote" desert jeep roads and camping out and had no experience at it. Each water bott weighed about 3 lbs. Don't recall either of the two trailer weights but packed each weighed close to 100 pounds. Four of us on our mountain bikes. Me and John one team; Rich and Steve, the other. On the flats & down hills a single guy would trade off pulling his teams trailer. On the up hills we would hitch the teams bikes together using a rope snaked the length of flexible tubing so it would not drag the ground. Our two teams would race up the hills each two mule team pulling the wagon. Now I know how the mules felt pulling the Borax wagons in Death Valley. It was a fun trip & what you talk about when you have the get-together.

As to local rides in the city with the fanny bag, jersey pockets. Doesn't matter what you take or leave out. Civilization surrounds you. How have we come to isolate ourselves so much that we need a cell phone in the city to survive. Civilization, indeed.

way way out west, cheers
You've got some serious time on your hands...boy nigel
Apr 13, 2001 8:36 AM
don't you, Wade? That listing was really something else. I think you've made your point.

Happy trails/roads,
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?DERICK
Apr 12, 2001 9:41 PM
I like carrying a cell phone. Had to use it when i got hit by a car.
1 tube and a pack of park glueless patches.
pump, bike tool
20 dollar bill ID and a credit card
Good sized spyderco folding knife (clipped inside my shorts)
I carry all this plus a few other things all in my camelbak. I dont even have bottle cages on my bike.
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?dustin
Apr 12, 2001 9:46 PM
well, i'm a newbie to the riding scene, and all i carry is a few dollars, and my knife. yeah, i'm kinda screwed if i go out on a little-traveled country road. the money's to pay for a ride home if i can't ride for some reason. however, that's not the ideal stuff to bring along. i can understand the cell phone if you're alone way out in the country (which is what i ride). and yeah, i think a pump would be better than the CO2.
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?michael
Apr 13, 2001 7:31 AM
I usually have a tube, small pump, alien tool, $20, credit card (for bigger items), quick stick (eliminates the need for 2 tire irons, works wonders on the tire), and 2 bottles of water - one plain one mixed with some sort of juice or drink.

When I commute to work, I carry a ton of other stuff

BTW - I think a cell phone is a pretty good idea, and might start carrying mine. Only prob is that there is no reception in some rural areas.
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Onrhodes
Apr 13, 2001 4:37 AM
What in Gods name do you need 6 CO2 cartridges for?
I carry a Pedro's allen key/screwdriver multi-tool. 1 Tube, 2 CO2 (12 grams ea), 2 Tires levers and 50 Cents in dimes. On longer rides (over 75 miles) I will bring my wallet/cash just incase.
I think patch kits are a waste. Once a tube is pinched, it gets pitched.
I hate cell phones, that is why I carry 50 Cents. just for humor check out to see what I think of cell phones.
If you can carry an old drivers license in your seatbag instead of your wallet. I recommend this incase you get hit and are unconscious. They can then at least identify you.
Seems a little overboardMel Erickson
Apr 13, 2001 6:00 AM
I carry a Ritchey multi-tool, tube, glueless patch kit, pump, $5 wrapped around the multi-tool and sometimes a cell phone. Actually had to use it twice. I ride alone in the country alot and you'd have to wait a long time on some of the roads I'm on for the next car. You'd also have to hope they stop. I've freaked out a couple of people asking to use their phone (tight multi-colored jersey and shorts, weird helmet and bike (Softride), weird clicking shoes, half finger gloves, dairy farmers think you're from outer space!) It's just easier to take the cell phone. I also wear a dog tag (literally)on a chain around my neck for ID. You can make your own at Petco for a few bucks.
Keep it simpleDINOSAUR
Apr 13, 2001 9:07 AM
I probably carry more than I need. The only time I crack open my seat bag is when I need a tire iron to peel off new tires.

I carry:
1 tube
2 tire irons
Richey CPR-13 Mini Tool (I have never used it)
$2.00 in change (I stuffed a $10 bill in the end of my handlebars on one of my old road bikes and forgot it was there, I hope the new owner has a happy surprise someday)
Tire patch kit

Full length Blackburn frame pump, it never fails.
Military type I.D. tags
Mini cel phone and drivers license in zip lock bag. I pack the cel phone in order to pacify my wife after I was involved in a nasty crash last year. I have used it once. Mainly it's peace of mind. Saves me a long walk to a phone.
Extra tube in my jersey pocket (if I carry two tubes I seldom have a flat. Pack just one and Flat City. Murphys Law, I guess).

If you keep your bike maintained the usual mishap in a flat tire. I have had a couple of mechanical breakdowns in the past such as shearing off a pedal spindle and cracking a seat tube on an old Viscount bike. No tool would have helped me.

I could probably get away with just packing an extra tube and a tire iron in my jersey pocket.

Packing good I.D. is important. I purchased the dog tags after my crash. Sh** happens.

Maintaining your bike is the key. Take care of it like your life depends on it, because it does.....
"Keep it simple" is right, Dino.boy nigel
Apr 13, 2001 9:19 AM
I use:

Left jersey pocket:
Keys and ID/money (small "bike wallet," like a kids' bus/train-pass holder)

Center jersey pocket (All rubber-banded together):
Minipump (Topeak Mini Master Blaster DX)
4 and 5mm L-shaped hex wrenches (they cover 99% of situations)
Small tube
Tiny glueless patch kit (about 1" x 1" square)
2 tire levers

Right jersey pocket:
Lens rewetting drops

None of my pockets bulge, and I'm taken care of without packs or frame pumps/CO2 cartridges. Weighs very little (don't even know I'm carrying all that).

I've taken this on LONG rides, and it's all I've ever needed. You may want to carry a spoke wrench, but you can open your brakes' quick releases for most wheel-tension-related problems.

Take a load off!
roadbike vs. commuterjunebride
Apr 13, 2001 9:32 AM
for the road bike i have a tube, CO2 inflator & 2 cartidges, multi-tool, tire lever, and a snack bar in my seat bag. in the little inner compartment i have cash, change for the phone, and a key. nice and precise.

on the commuter i've got two roomy ortliebs though... and somehow i have become a serious pack-rat. sometimes i surprise myself on the weekends when i go thru the bags and check out what all i've got in there. last weekend i found i was carrying around a full bottle (!) of alleve plus 2 pairs of very used socks... in addition to my load of work necessities. once the weather stops being nuts (20 degree differential am to pm sometimes) i think i get away with one pannier... :)
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Alan B
Apr 13, 2001 12:18 PM
All in the under-saddle pack:
Emergency card
Glueless patch kit
Mini pump
CO2 w/ 2 carts
mini tool
Garage door opener (it's tiny)
Over 40 miles: unzip the expanding section of the pack and add cell phone and some Cyto max powder for a refill.
I'm even worse ...Humma Hah
Apr 13, 2001 1:19 PM
I just bought myself a brand-new backpack. The old daypack was getting so soaked with sweat on long rides, everything in it was disgusting. But I'm a packrat and usually carry 10-12 pounds on training rides, about 6 pounds on centuries.

The new pack has slightly more capacity, too many pockets and extra straps and gizmos, but it features a unique arched backboard design so that air can circulate over my back. I object that this pack is heavier and more bulky than the old one -- a specialized cycling one would be better than this deluxe hiking pack. But it does carry a 60-oz bladder nicely in a pocket that appears built for it, and I could carry enough gear for camping if I wished, plus I can use it for light shopping. It is VERY comfortable, and does not get sweat-soaked, and I seem to be a little faster with it due to keeping cooler.

I use a fanny pack when traveling "light".
pepper sprayHwy45
Apr 13, 2001 4:05 PM
What about the pepper spray? Does anyone ever need this stuff? I've been lucky only minor dog annoyances. My wife bought me some because I used to take really long walks and ran in to a few dogs on foot. Where would you carry it. Seems you would want it handy. Any comments on how to handel dogs.
pepper spraydustin
Apr 13, 2001 9:41 PM
i've had 3 run-ins with dogs. i usually just pick up my pace a little and they'll tire out. however, one time i had to un-gracefully resort to swinging at one with my foot. it was a big dang dog. didn't hit it, but it got the idea.
pepper sprayMel Erickson
Apr 14, 2001 6:52 AM
I've consisered pepper spray. I have a couple of routes with some pretty agressive dogs. One dog likes to hide in weeds and spring out right as you get even with him. I have chosen not to use spray for a couple reasons. To be effective you need to get the animal in the face. This is difficult while on the bike. Wind, steering, etc. can cause you to miss and maybe even get some on yourself. Not pleasant! It has to be available. I've seen the clips you can use to mount it on your handlebars but it's just to dorky for me. It also makes you look paranoid, but it does keep it handy. I simply use my water bottle and speed. On one or two occasions this hasn't worked and I had to dismount and keep the bike between me and the dog. When you're off the bike and not moving the fun seems to be taken out of it for the dog and they move on. I haven't been bitten (yet).
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?MGS
Apr 13, 2001 5:07 PM
Inner tube
Park quick patch kit
2-16gram CO2 cartridges
Second wind tire pump/CO2 inflator
2-tire levers
2-allen wrenches that fit all my screws
5 dollars
ID card
Cell phone
That's all folks. Never needed more in 20 years
re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Andrew
Apr 14, 2001 12:38 PM
I tend to pack light. I pack enough water to get me through a ride, or to a refill point, an Einstein Master blaster pump that contains a small patch kit and has a built-on tire lever, a credit card, ID, one spare tube, and a couple of basic allen wrenches. I have never needed anything else. I don't carry pepper spray because I have found that a squirt from the water bottle confuses the dogs if I am not able to outrun them. If you ever have a problem that requires more than what I bring with me, then you will need to get a ride home anyway. I would just make a collect call.

re: Where do you carry YOUR stuff?Mel Erickson
Apr 14, 2001 5:59 PM
Problem with making a collect call is that pay phones are becoming a thing of the past and many places won't let you use their phone, even for a local call. Besides, where I ride it could be a mile or more to the next house.