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Getting lost and having more fun than usual(4 posts)

Getting lost and having more fun than usualLBS Guy
Apr 12, 2001 4:54 PM
I went riding last Sunday and made a wrong turn on the usual route that ends up to be about a 32 mile ride, i ended up doing a 54 mile ride and had more fun being lost than i ever did knowing where i was going,This new route had a few knee breaker climbs on it and was so very awesome, even though i was late for work. Anybody else have any "lost" stories?
ive been so many new places on my bike that ive never seenjohn de
Apr 12, 2001 5:21 PM
i like to just head in a direction (north, south or the others ) and go and then i know what way to head back to get home..i bring some dough for lunch and drinks and head any way thats rural...even a couple of miles away ive found great places to ride..hilly areas are good as are roads near rivers because traffic doesnt cross your path as much (in theory) of my favorite pleasures is riding to get lunch somewhere that your not sure of yet..
never been lostfuzzybunnies
Apr 13, 2001 8:16 PM
I usually head in which ever direction I'm facing and go, my parents have gotten used to this and don't worry till after I haven't called for 2 weeks. As a result I've been all over the place in ny,ma, vt, nh, and canada. Basically when I get bored I turn in the direction of home and head back. As long as you don't mind not knowing where you are you aren't lost. TTFN
re: Getting lost and having more fun than usualAndrew
Apr 14, 2001 12:48 PM
My father-in-law and I went for a ride a few weeks ago. He is just getting back into cycling after a 20 year break and did not think he would make it past 20 miles. He was equiped with a map for our ride, but on critical road on our route turned out to be a gravel road. We decided to take the next road that headed in the same direction. It turned out that there was not another road, and we kept heading farther from our starting point. Eventually the road turned and we were able to plan a route to get back home. Our 20 mile ride turned into a 60 mile ride. We had a great time, but my father-in-law was totally wiped out when he got home. I plan on using that same route many times in the future. It has a great combination of hills and flats and has a manageable amount of traffic.