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Knee Discomfort - not severe(5 posts)

Knee Discomfort - not severeixiz
Apr 12, 2001 5:20 AM
I know ! another knee discomfort question
I havent put enough base miles and my brevets has started and lately I have been getting some discomfort on my left knee - not pain
At the 2oclock position from the knee cap (looking from front) Its a little tender when pressed and discomfort turns into slight pain when getting up from squat position (best i can describe)

Thanks for any help or advice
re: Knee Discomfort - not severeJon Billheimer
Apr 12, 2001 7:03 AM
As always, check bike fit. Any changes lately, including cleat position? Sounds like the problem might be one of muscle imbalance, causing some mild tracking problems for your kneecap. The balance issues can relate to adductors/abductors, medial vs. lateral quads, or even stabilizers which control joint rotation, such as the popliteus muscle.

For an expert opinion, go to www.ridefast, the CTS Exposed section, log onto the Training Forum, and ask your question there. Kevin Lippert, one of the CTS coaches, is an expert on biomechanics and bike fit, and is very generous with his advice.

Good luck.
re: Knee Discomfort - not severeMrCelloBoy
Apr 12, 2001 8:06 AM
I had some knee discomfort one year while doing early training for a D.C. and it was alleviated by changing to Speedplay pedals which allow the most free rotation of any that I know of.
re: Knee Discomfort - not severeixiz
Apr 13, 2001 3:27 AM
Come to think of it ..... Thats what is happening
On my Long Distance bike i have BEBOP which has lotsa float (similar to Speedplay) and its only recently that im riding that bike for my Brevets to qualify for the GRR 1200km. I am riding my 300k this weekend and and plan to change to LOOK or campy for that ride and I will report back next week. But then again its not a great report because the damage may have already been done. But never the less if it does not get better....

I have to alsoe measure my q factor on the bike to check as well... A lot of us assume its the same and that myabe my issue too
re: Knee Discomfort - not severeJim Heckmna
Apr 12, 2001 4:52 PM
I have had the same problem in the same location. It could be one of two things: either a bit of patella tendonitis at the very outside edge of the patella tendon or placia (play-sha). Placia ia a fiberous build-up that can bind in between the knee joint. Much like a balloon getting pinched in a door. Icing the area for 15-20 minutes after riding and using NSAIDS before going riding might help. Hope this helps. Always good to get a professional opinion.