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Trek 2300 or Specialized Allez Comp or Klein Quantum Race(4 posts)

Trek 2300 or Specialized Allez Comp or Klein Quantum RaceGunter Kampitsch
Apr 12, 2001 1:44 AM
I consider to buy a new roadbike. These three bikes are in the price class I could afford. I know that a Trek 5200 would be better but the price is much higher. Any opinion on these bikes?
re: Trek 2300 or Specialized Allez Comp or Klein Quantum Raceslbenz
Apr 12, 2001 6:30 AM
My first suggestion is to try out all three bikes and see which feels most comfortable for you. It becomes important especially if you plan to do a century ride. Any fit issue initially will be magnified at the end of a long ride. I tested all three bikes that you mentioned and for me, the Trek 2300 had the best fit for me. I'm 5'8", 155 lbs with a 31" inseam. I don't know if you know, but Specialized changed their frame replacement policy from lifetime to 5 years for the Allez. You should check out their site for their answer why. This was one factor that stopped me from purchasing the Specialized. Both Trek and Klein have lifetime warranties on their frames. The Klein is a great climbing bike with a great paint job while the Trek felt the most comfortable on the flats. When I had the bike shop weigh the bikes in my size, both the Trek and Klein weighed the same, while the Specialized weighed in at approximately half pound more. Funny you mentioned the Trek 5200, what did I end up buying? The Trek 5200, but the 2300 was a close second. You may want to check around for a discontinued 5200 model. Not much more expensive than the choices you are looking at. This message board had that topic and someone was able to find a 5200 for $1999.00 I believe. Hope this helps. Good luck on your purchase.
re: Trek 2300 or Specialized Allez Comp or Klein Quantum RaceGunter Kampitsch
Apr 13, 2001 1:46 AM
Thanks for your information. I bought the Trek 2300. I did not know about the gurantee issue. But very interesting information, because lifetime warranty is important to me. The Trek 5200 was to expensive for me, therefor I made the decision and took the 2300!
Apr 13, 2001 6:23 AM
I think you made an excellent choice. Glad to let you know about the warranty information. I was surprised about it when it was first told to me as well. Welcome to the Trek family. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do mine. Happy riding!