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woe unto me(2 posts)

woe unto mejohnnyt
Apr 11, 2001 7:10 PM
200 yards from completing my 16 mile homeward commute today I hit something (pothole, rock, I don't know) resulting in double F-bombs. ok, as a newbie, I get to practice for the first time an important survival skill, twice. Here's the question(s). Now that the tires are back on the bike I notice the rear rim is slightly closer to the brake on the drive side. Obviously I've done something incorrectly. How do I fix it? Also, could this incident have resulted in the wheels going out of true and how do I recognize if they have?
re: woe unto metommyb
Apr 11, 2001 8:06 PM
Could be several things:

The wheel is not in straight. Look at the clearance between the wheel and the chainstays. If that's not even, loosen the QR, straighten it, and you should be good to go.

Or, sometimes the process of opening the brake release and re-closing it causes the brake calipers to rotate slightly. If the wheel is in straight, and the calipers are twisted, you may be able to straighten them by hand. You may need either a allen key or thin wrench to rotate it back to center.

You can tell if the wheel is out of true by spinning it and seeing if the rim gets closer to and further from the brake pad as it rotates.

Good luck.

PS. Don't sweat these small inconveniences. I had a long walk in cleats today. I broke my chain out in the middle of nowhere. I normally have a chain tool in my bag, but lo and behold, it's on the workshop bench. I had to walk several miles to a phone and call a friend to pick me up. Four cars drove by, but what are the odds that anyone would offer me a ride?