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Anybody around Monterey/Santa Cruz?(5 posts)

Anybody around Monterey/Santa Cruz?Cory
Apr 11, 2001 11:54 AM
I'm going to be in the area next week--I grew up there, but there've been lots of changes since I left.
I'll be in Watsonville, near Manresa State Beach. I've ridden from there to Monterey, but my map doesn't show a clear road or bike route from Manresa to Santa Cruz. Anybody help? Near the water and through Capitola would be nice, but anything at all is better than I have now.
Pacific Coast Bike Trailgimmeaminute
Apr 11, 2001 12:12 PM
Goes right through the area. Maps are in most shops in the Monterey/ SC area. Check your local shop for the central coast edition. In general the route is flat and works its way through agricultural areas. Consider a trip South into Monterey and Carmel. Well worth the effort.
Gimme, I had no idea you lived so close!!Jimbob
Apr 11, 2001 12:39 PM
The bike path is your best bet for cruising along the beach. However, there are much better rides found elsewhere, unless of course you want to check out the "beach life".
FYI, JBgimmeaminute
Apr 11, 2001 6:58 PM
The Pacific Coast Bike Trail follows the coast from Seattle south to the Mexican border. Each section is published seperately. The section of it from Santa Cruz into Monterey is my suggestion. Yes, the bike trail that connects Monterey to Marina is part of it, but hardly the entire ride. See an example of directions in a previous post.....thanks mystery rider.....
re: Anybody around Monterey/Santa Cruz?Kent
Apr 11, 2001 4:44 PM
Take San Andreas to Bonita Dr. about 2-3 miles follow Bonita to Freedom Blvd go across Hwy 1 and Take at left at first stoplight Soquel Dr. follow that till you get to Park Ave go left and follow that to Bay ave go left across the railroad tracks down to Capitola village, bottom of hill go right at stop thru village to next stop sign. Turn left go across bridge to next stop sign Turn left follow that to ocean and follow the ocean till you get to santa cruz. Really easy not as hard as it sounds.