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2001 Specialized Allez Elite and Comp (I think)(5 posts)

2001 Specialized Allez Elite and Comp (I think)wildoe
Apr 11, 2001 6:35 AM
I have never owned a road bike and i'm about to purchase one (i hope) i've been looking for about a year or more and am really ready to buy
the only bike shop in town carries specialized and litespeed road bikes (but on specialized in stock)
could anyone give me any feedback on one of these bikes or have any good advice i could use
i am an experienced rider just never on my own bike
re: 2001 Specialized Allez Elite and Comp (I think)Stan_B
Apr 11, 2001 6:52 AM
I own a 2000 Allez Elite. Are you sure the one you are looking at is a 2001?

Anyways, overall I like the bike very much. Nice components, very responsive and steady feel even at high speeds. As with a lot of aluminum bikes, you feel the bumps. I started breaking spokes on the rear wheel at about 700 miles. This is a problem almost everyone that has reviewed this bike has also had. My LBS rebuilt the wheel with 14 gauge spokes and it was covered by warranty.

I paid $1150 for mine which the salesman claimed was a great price. I've heard of others paying quite a bit less.
re: 2001 Specialized Allez Elite and Comp (I think)Alan B
Apr 11, 2001 8:52 AM
I've got a '99 Allez with 105 group and I love it. Lots of bang for the buck ($670!). Some of the new ones have a sloping top tube. Mine doesn't, so I can't comment there. Unlike the other poster, I've had no wheel problems in about 2700 miles, not even re-trueing, and I weigh 210. The wheels are CXP-21s with 105 hubs -- not the sexiest setup in town, but obviously very servicable. I love my bike and every time I think of trading up, I can't get past the huge amount of money required to get a marginal improvement in performance. Buy with confidence!
have the allez a1 also, and another,...Haiku d'état
Apr 12, 2001 5:54 AM
have that one and also just got the bianchi giro from gvhbikes, same price range with a better wheelset and all shimano (the specialized allez sport a1 that you and i have has ritchey hubs and specialized cranks), plus bianchi saddle, stem, bars, pedals. the allez did not come with pedals, and i paid about $300 more than you for the same bike mid-last year.

also had a problem with spokes popping on the rear within the first few hundred miles, and i was 235 when i started riding it (now 195). shop hand-rebuilt the rear with new spokes and i've had only minor problems with it going out of true.

bike fits me well, but the new giro also fits me well, and has a shorter standover height and shorter top tube. giro also is AL, but has a carbon fork, which is a WORLD of difference. no spacers under the stem/headset, and a more aggressive geometry...i had cxp33s put on instead of the cxp21s, and have yet to tell a huge difference, guess time will be the judge. i'll likely use the allez as my distance and charity ride bike (50+ miles is distance for me), and the giro as my backup and short/group ride bike.

fwiw, there were alot of folks posting here and otherwise making their problems known on the rear wheel from that year's specialized bikes. seemed to have been a bad batch of wheels or something.
re: 2001 Specialized Allez Elite and Comp (I think)muncher
Apr 11, 2001 10:05 AM
I took one of these (2000 model - dull red/cream with 105) for a good long test ride. Seemed well put together, but the set-up is at the agressive end of the geo spectrum - fairly short stays and upright tube. I believe that they are quite popular with the tri brigade, which would make sense. There are lots here (UK) on close out at the moment, so a good deal for the money if you hunt around. Try for some info and prices if you are interested.

Hope that helps - M.