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Anyone tried Briko Twinner helmet?(2 posts)

Anyone tried Briko Twinner helmet?J Lobert
Apr 11, 2001 6:22 AM
I was curious to hear any opinions on the Briko Twinner helmet. It's supposed to keep your head very cool, even though it only has 3 large vents in the front. I wondered how it compares to a Giro or Limar helmet, which have many more vents.
I wondered this same thing a while back, JL.boy nigel
Apr 11, 2001 7:08 AM
I was looking for the coolest (best-ventilated) lid out there (since I sweat a lot). At the time, no one had ridden with one (and Cipollini never returned my calls). I wound up with the Boreas and its huge vents. Though the Twinner's marketing speak calls it an "air conditioner for your head," I can't see how it can suck all that air in through those few front vents (without an engine or a pump of some sort). Though it's a great-looking lid (but PRICEY!!), I opted for the Boreas.

I've not been disappointed at all. Not only feather-light, but it looks GREAT (got mine in ONCE yellow/grey/black fade to match my bike), fits me very well, doesn't move, and keeps my (formerly) sopping pate cooler than anything else I've tried. They're on clearance presently at all the major mail-order shops for about $90 (vs. $150 when they first came out). Might want to check into them. Sorry I don't have a Twinner review for you, though. Again, I posted the same question about a month ago and got no reviews, either. They haven't circulated to the general population just yet. Could be the price (or lack of vents).

Good luck with the lid search.