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alright, what was the general consensus on saddle sores?(3 posts)

alright, what was the general consensus on saddle sores?Haiku d'état
Apr 11, 2001 5:10 AM
i've searched the message board and can't seem to access those old threads about saddle sores and how you guys handle 'em. i promise i was listening last time, but evidently not well enough.

I think the overall response was keep the area clean and dry and use a topical anti-bacterial, yes? if so, what was the anti-bac that you guys use? also, regarding prevention, what's the take on chamois cream and other products, and wouldn't that promote fungal infections (i hate to say that out loud)?

i'm asking about saddle sores exclusively, i pretty much know the difference between them and a skin rash/fungal infection of the skin from poor hygene/old & dirty shorts/overuse of antibiotics/etc..

please excuse my frank terms.
They Suck, but this has worked for me in the past....jbrown2036
Apr 11, 2001 10:05 AM
I developed this program last year for the DC Aids Ride and it has worked pretty well. The moment you are off the bike change out of your shorts and gear (shower if possible). Get some extract of cortisone (kidding), Neosporin and put a thin layer down on the usually affected regions. Re-apply before bed. And of course never wear the same shorts consecutively, and be clean.

Good luck
J&J's baby powder in your shorts before very ride.happybutt
Apr 11, 2001 6:36 PM
Makes you happy!