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need help with size! I'm new!!!(3 posts)

need help with size! I'm new!!!BW
Apr 10, 2001 6:54 PM
If I was fitted to a 56cm Trek 2300, would the same size in a Specialized Allez also be a 56cm? It seems like I read somewhere that Specialized was sized different. Any help would be greatly appriciated!
I'll give it a shot...PsyDoc
Apr 11, 2001 11:21 AM
Because you did not specify, I will assume that the Specialized Allez you are referring to is the A1 or A1 Sport that does not have the sloping top tube. The geometry is the same for the A1 or A1 Sport: [ ]

Head Angle: 73
Seat Angle: 73.5
Top Tube: 56.5cm
Wheel Base: 99.57cm
Chainstay Length: 41.0cm
Standover Height: 82.8cm

For the Trek: [ ]

Head Angle: 73.8
Seat Angle: 73.5
Top Tube: 56.0cm
Wheel Base: 99.57cm
Chainstay Length: 41.7cm
Standover Height: 78.8cm

The measurements are different, but I do not know what type of noticeable difference you would feel. I suspect you would be able to tell a difference, but perhaps those who know can offer some advice. I would strongly encourage you to ride both bikes and see which one you feel most comfortable riding. Good luck!
big vertical difference...dave
Apr 11, 2001 2:33 PM
The 56cm Specialized is 4cm taller than the 56cm Trek, although both are very similar horizontally. A 54cm Specilaized is closer in size to the 56cm Trek.

With the use of threadless stems, which have little vertical adjustment, it's best to buy the largest frame (vertically), that will provide the minimum 2-3cm of standover clearance, and appropriate top tube length. Frames that are vertically small will also have a shorter head tube, that could make the saddle to bar height excessive. The head tube length is seldom listed on geometry tables. I wouldn't buy any frame, unless I was sure that the head tube length was adequate to avoid the use of too many steering tube spacers, or a high rise stem.