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I will buy two frames(13 posts)

I will buy two framesmessenger69
Apr 10, 2001 4:53 PM
I recently bought a used bike on ebay that was very high end. I got a very good price on it and the bike delivered everything it claimed in the description. I have been having nightmares about cracking the frame and being SOL so I was thinking of buying another frame of the same make and model and color and having it as a backup. If I crack one frame I will have the warranty from the second frame and just keep swapping them out if anything happens. What do you think, could it work?

I think it will work. I know that the original owner never sent in his warranty card so the serial# is not on record.

Any thoughts?
Good luck...TJeanloz
Apr 10, 2001 5:17 PM
I'd say chances are fair that this scheme will work. Just because the original owner didn't send in the warranty card doesn't mean that they don't know- if the manufacturer suspected foul play, he could just call the shop he sold the bike to and ask who bought it. Remember, the onus is on you to prove that you are the original owner (by showing the receipt) not on the manufacturer to prove you are not. But like I said, chances are fair that everything will work out.

According to our dealer agreements, this is how it's supposed to work: You bring your cracked frame to the local dealer. He verifies, either because he knows he sold you the bike, or because you have the original receipt, that you are the original owner. Then the dealer ships it to the manufacturer for warranty. A lot of unscrupulous dealers don't check paperwork; but many of us do, and we would not submit your frame for warranty.
re: I will buy two framesfuzzybunnies
Apr 10, 2001 5:51 PM
Why get the second one the same, unless you're getting it from the same individual there is a chance the second will also be problem free. If you truely want a second frame why not make it something different, the company will get suspicious if you send in two different frames for warrenty. Or just wait till the bike breaks and see what shows up at that time, at most you might be off the bike for an extra 10-12 days. TTFN
re: I will buy two framesmessenger69
Apr 10, 2001 6:29 PM
I have to get the same frame because it has to be the same year and model as the original one. I cant warranty a new frame with an older one.
Apr 10, 2001 6:35 PM
How about just buying a second frame if you in fact crack the first one.
re: I will buy two framesDERICK
Apr 10, 2001 8:02 PM
I don't understand the advantage to you here.why purahase a new frame just to have it sit and loose value while you wait for yours to crack. Besides, if you crack one frame very quickly, would you really want the exact same frame again? Really sounds like a poor investment to me.Take the money you would spend on the new frame and put it in a good mutual fund. By the time you break your frame you will have a lot more money and the selection of new frames on the market will be much greater.

Just enjoy the ride
re: Sorry, but.....Not Cracked
Apr 10, 2001 8:12 PM sounds like moron thinking to me.what are the odds of it 'cracking' anyway? If this worries you why did you buy it? Or, why not just buy new and get the warranty?
Penny wise, pound foolish...DG
Apr 10, 2001 8:25 PM
Let's not even get into the ethical issues of what you are suggesting. But financially it makes no sense to lock in your $$$ in an investment that will neither appreciate nor be of any use to you for an indefinite period of time. If you buy an "antique" bike it may make some sense to try to get another one just so that you can cannibalize parts that are hard to find. But in the case of a high-end bike, why buy two of the same?

If you are scared of cracking your frame, the best investment would be to insure it. State farm insures bikes for crashes or failures (even if it's your fault) for around $200 per year (depending on the cost of your bike) and covers not only the frame but every component on your bike.
Your 1st mistakeACE
Apr 10, 2001 10:28 PM
was paying for the first frame! Simply do what the rest of us here do... after our saturday group ride we break into the frame factory and steal a few. After a cup of coffee at the local hangout we then smash the storefront window at our favorite bike shop,(great bunch of guys, by the way)then grab all the components we need to build our dream machines and run like mad. No one on this forum would ever think of buying what we want with our hard-earned money, what a waste! So join us this weekend at the usual place and time.
This sounds a little silly to mepmf
Apr 11, 2001 6:48 AM
Why do you suspect the frame will break in the first place? I'd guess that the chances are about 98% that if you do this, you'll ride your present bike while the back-up frame gathers dust for several years until you get sick of the bike and want the next newest thing. Then you're stuck with the trusty old bike you got from e-bay thats worth next to nothing as is the back-up frame.
Sounds Anal and Dishonestgrz mnky
Apr 11, 2001 11:27 AM
But that's just me.

Anal for buying a frame that you think will crack so you bought another one just to be sure.

Dishonest for intending to pull the warranty swap. You may find that the sale through the dealer was actually recorded and/or the year of manufacture may be determined from the serial number alone (not unusual). You can't be the first person to think or try this and the folks that handle the warranty are probably already aware.
too much money, too much thinking, not enough brainsCory
Apr 11, 2001 12:04 PM
Ah, crap, I don't even know where to start:
1. The chance of breaking a frame is pretty small.
2. It's theft. You might get away with it, but don't expect a bunch of enthusiastic cyclists and shop owners to tell you it's OK. Sh!t like this drives prices up for everybody.
3. It's stupid financially, for the reasons a couple of other people have given.
4. It's baby stuff. If you made a bad purchase, it's on your head, not the frame builder's.
5. The idea just p*sses me off.
you just admitted to fraud to the whole worldDog
Apr 11, 2001 3:42 PM
I'm not sure you are serious, but you just admitted to fraud to the entire planet. Not very smart.