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Help: Opinions on Klein road bikes(4 posts)

Help: Opinions on Klein road bikesSF Gator
Apr 10, 2001 4:19 PM
LBS has some great deals on the Klein Quantums (Race & Pro). Any opinions on these bikes? I am looking for something race-worthy, but also want something that is compliant enough for long rides without discomfort.
re: Help: Opinions on Klein road bikesDinosaur
Apr 11, 2001 10:31 AM
I have a '99 Klein QR. There is a lot of discussion on the quality of an al ride. Some refer to it as "stiff" or "rigid". For a lack of a better word, I veer toward "rigid". I have logged over 10K miles on my Klein. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I think it is beating the holy crap out of me. However this might be associated with my age and the weather. Klein is the first manufacturer to pump out oversized al frames. They have been doing it longer than anyone else. If you want an al bike, I don't think you can find a finer one. The Rolf Vector Comp wheels have been bullet proof, along with the some of the Icon components, however they would not be my first choice if I was to build a bike. I think that the Quantum Pro is overpriced, at near 4K. If I had 4K to plop down on a bike I'd consider other choices.
You don't say what the sale price is. If you want a off the peg al bike, I think you would be happy with the Klein QR. I'm still thinking about rebuilding mine and skimping on a new ride.
Make sure that the Geometry suits your style of riding. The 74 degree seat tube offers a more upright, forward position, which can cause problems for some riders.
You might want to click on Product Reviews, there are seven on the Klein, this will give you an idea. I can't recall anyone ever bad mouthing a Klein. Beautiful paint too, I nearly broke into tears when I sustained my first scratch.
Hope this is some help, any questions don't hesitate to ask....
re: Help: Opinions on Klein road bikesBender
Apr 11, 2001 3:17 PM
I've been riding my '88 Klein Quantum for the past three years (around 18,000 miles). It's my commuter, rain bike, training bike, race bike, and urban assualt bike. I really like the ultra stiff bottom bracket and over all 'bomb proof' reliability. The frame does tend to dish out a dose of punishment after a long time in the saddle, but I've ridden many a century without too much discomfort. Tires and saddle make a big difference in how the shock is transmitted to your body so consider these items as 'tuning' aids. I just put together a Trek 5200 carbon bike and as much as I love my old Klein, the plastic is fantastic! I feel fresher after along ride on the well damped carbon bike. The old Klein is stiffer in the bottom bracket area however (I ride 62cm, so BB flex is a big thing for me). I recently test rode a '00 Quantum Race and was impressed with the frame's damping ability as compaired to my '88 Quantum. However, the '00 had a different saddle, wheels, tires (at what pressure, I did not check), so it is not an apples to apples compairison. As liberally mentioned throughout this site, ride as many bikes as you can before you slap down that hard earned cash at the LBS. Even if the Klein is a screaming good deal, if you're not comfortable (or satisified) you're better off spending the extra $$$ for something your completely happy with. Don't get me wrong, you're not 'settling' for a Klein, they are great bikes, but is it the right bike for how you're coning to ride it? If you're going to race, spend the extra $$$ and save the weight with the Pro, but keep in mind that the funky fork/headset combination is not interchangable with anything else; the price you pay for being light and unique. The Race will be fine for racing or whatever you have in mind at less cost.

re: Help: Opinions on Klein road bikesoldsaukrider
Apr 11, 2001 4:04 PM
I love my 97 Klein QR. With Michelin Axial Pros it is just as forgiving as my steel ride, though I get off the saddle slightly for any significant bump, whatever I ride. I've quit looking for another frame!

Weight may make a difference. I'm 6'3", 180#. 58cm Frame. For my size, I think Alu is the material of choice.