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Club Rule Book Suggestions Needed(3 posts)

Club Rule Book Suggestions NeededPsyDoc
Apr 10, 2001 2:35 PM
We have a cycling club that is in its beginnings down here in South Georgia. Right now there are about 10 people who regularly meet for weekend rides, but there are about 20 total who have expressed interest in the club. Myself and another organizer are thinking of writing a pamphlet of "club rules" to give to all members. The rules would cover such things as cycling etiquette, definition of terms, such as "on your left" etc., and ??? Is a club rule book a good idea? Does anyone have specific recommendations on what to include? Thanks in advance.

These are the rules that my club has...biknben
Apr 10, 2001 7:15 PM
The rules are documented in a monthly newsletter by the Princeton Free Wheelers of Princeton, NJ. Keep in mind that this club has been around for over twenty years with hundreds of members and publishes a monthly newsletter with nearly 100 planned group rides this month. You may want to start with some of the more basic rules.

1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early and be ready to leave on time.
2. Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order BEFORE you arrive.
3. Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and water bottle.
4. Practice safety and obey all traffic laws.
5. Wearing a helmet is required.
6. Do not "Bike Off" more than you can do. Go on rides within your ability and experience. If in doubt, phone the ride leader before the ride.
7. Leaders are not responsible for those that ride ahead of the group.
8. Always notify the leader before leaving the group.
9. Leaders will adhere to the advertised speed of the ride.
10. Any rider that appears to be riding in an irresponsible manner may be asked to leave the ride.
11. In case of inclement weather, or if the leader fails to appear (probably because of an emergency), form a group and go on a ride if you like.
12. Use of aero bars on rides is prohibited. Any rider may have them on the bike, just save their use for solo rides.

One other thing they have that impresses me is categories for different riding abilities. Each category has a documented average speed and a description of what to expect. Helps keep you from getting dropped by the racers or bored with the sightseers.

Good luck
Good suggestions...Thanks...nmPsyDoc
Apr 11, 2001 3:12 AM