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Why 928 views but only 25 replies?(19 posts)

Why 928 views but only 25 replies?boy nigel
Apr 10, 2001 11:07 AM

I'm not pissed at anyone or anything, but I've noticed a trend. I polled the group about which pedals they're using and why recently. I got some very solid and interesting replies (Thanks a bunch, all), but noticed today that, of the 928 (WOW!) people who read it, only 25 (WHAT?!) ventured a reply. Just wondering why this is, that's all.

I figured that I'd get lots of responses and lots of good reads about the pros and cons of certain brands/types of clipless pedals (I'm shopping for new ones presently). Why wouldn't someone simply write in as to which ones they use and how good they are?

Again, I'm not mad or hurt, but it seems that .026% is a pretty low ratio for something everyone here knows about and uses.

Any input?

How Many Times Did You Personally Enter the Post?Kristin
Apr 10, 2001 11:26 AM
...I'm guessing around 25. The view counter doesn't compensate for multiple views by the same person--I know, I tested it. So thats 25 hits for Nigel. I've read a number of the replies... that's at least 10 hits for me. Bummer eh? There's no way to quantitativly gauge your popularity on this board. Though, 25 thoughful replies, not involving shouting matches or Darwinian debates is pretty good in my book.
re: Why 928 views but only 25 replies?ROOKIE
Apr 10, 2001 11:27 AM
I would imagine many visitors to this board, such as myself, are new to the sport and use the board to learn more about cycling. I view the questions that I can relate to or would ask myself and read all the responses from the experienced riders out there. What I'm getting at is that I have more questions than answers, that's why I would view something, but not reply to it.
re: Why 928 views but only 25 replies?PsyDoc
Apr 10, 2001 11:30 AM
Hi Nigel.

I would have posted, but a number of people had posted comments that subsumed the information I would have provided. I did not see the reason to post redundant information. Perhaps this was the rationale others used for not posting.
Fair enough, certainly, for PsyDoc and Kristin.boy nigel
Apr 10, 2001 12:05 PM
Your suggestions make decent sense, of course, and thanks for presenting them. I've chosen not to respond to posts since my views were represented, as well, and I hadn't taken into account the times I personally viewed replies from y'all.

I feel better now. ;)

ps 2.6% I believe(nm)jp2
Apr 10, 2001 1:12 PM
Good questionBrian C.
Apr 10, 2001 11:33 AM
Perhaps the issue you raise is of interest to other people and they're curious to know what people have to say. I read many of the queries on this great Web site, but respond to very few of them because I have nothing to offer.
Hit FormulaeBreck
Apr 10, 2001 11:47 AM
There is probably a formula if you could sort out all the variables.

As for me, use Sidi's and "work" for me; have a pair for each bike already and can't afford to change now. Would have no clue how they stack-up against Time, etc. as can't ride my buds bikes who have all the other different cleats as our shoe sizes don't match, etc.

My favorite Hit is 1958 Danny and the Jr.'s AT THE HOP.

Yikes, LOOK(!) pedals, Sidi shoes )nm)Breck
Apr 10, 2001 12:38 PM
Too much Folgers combined with old age, low brain-cell count from too much riding, running, etc.

Wait for new speedplaysJ.S.
Apr 10, 2001 12:07 PM
Better late than never but I just read an article by Derek Bouchard Hall of the Mercury team, who is sponsored by Speedplay, and He remarks about the new pedal they are using and how great it is. Might be worth waiting for.
historical perspective, etc., and thanks for great postsDog
Apr 10, 2001 12:30 PM
I have been here for over a year, since day two, I think, of the Roadbikereview website. Way back then, and for six months or so, a really hot thread had several hundred views, and maybe 30 replies (but repeats from the same people). Now, it seems the views are way, way, up, but meaningful replies stay about the same. I think we are getting more threads, now, which means the threads fall off the front page sooner.

I reply when I believe I can add something, when something really is interesting, or I simply have a few spare minutes. Sometimes I'm just bored. Frequently, when we have seen the same thread for the 10th time, many of us probably won't contribute, as it just stops being interesting. More people should do searches first; about half the time, their question has probably already been thoroughly discussed.

Many times, as someone else noted, it seems the question has already been answered, so I don't bother being duplicative. Sometimes, I get the feeling I'm just posting too much, so I might lurk for a while, reading the threads, but not contributing much. More often, I don't have a clue what to say, or just know nothing of the topic. Unless I can lead someone to good information, or state with authority what I know from fact, I usually butt out.

Sometimes posts are obvious flame bait, and I usually let them slide by with no response, although I do get sucked in now and then.

Over all, I think I post in about 1 out of 20 threads, which is still probably too much. No one wants to be a pest, you know.

But, I think there are many, many, more people visiting the site lately, wanting to learn a little something, but not ready to jump in. That likely accounts for the high views/post ratio.

The quality of the posts from many people is outstanding, with mostly mature, informative, good humored threads. I would like to personally thank grz mnky (very knowledgeable), HH (unique, thoughtful perspective), Tjeanloz (listen to him, he knows his stuff), pmf, MMaggi, Kristin (very level headed and thoughtful), bill, DINOSAUR (great respect for him), Ixiz, Greg Taylor, Kerry Irons, ET, E3, Spoke Wrench, BipedZed, Maillot Rouge, shmoo (the real one), look271, fuzzybunnies, and many others I can't recall right now, for making this 'place' great, and making our biking experiences even more pleasureable. Even though we have our differences from time to time, each has remained civil and provided hours and hours of intellectual and pleasant conversation. I'll take a few posts from them and their like any day. Thanks all.

Speedplays..Number Nine HundredTwentyNine
Apr 10, 2001 12:37 PM
...cause i'm a newbie and I heard good things about them. They do feel funny, as compared to my ATACS, but seem ok.
Nigel, think about what anyone would DO with more than 25bill
Apr 10, 2001 12:56 PM
thoughtful replies? Hurts MY head.
Like others, if what I would say is represented by what someone else posts, I leave it alone. The prospect of a little joke, and seeing my name once again in print, has led me to add on here, but, you know, the guys I feel sorry for are the ones who post a legitimate inquiry and get NO response. Sometimes I'll jump in on those with secondhand but unassailable pap to get the ball rolling.
I use Record Pro-Fit. I prefer them to my former Looks for the stability of the platform; for reasons unclear, even though the cleat profile is almost exactly the same, they feel more solid to me. Maybe it's because of the spindle and the sealed bearings. Maybe it's because I paid more for them, but, you know, whatever works.
'Cause we've beat this topic to death about 100 timesgrz mnky
Apr 10, 2001 1:26 PM
People look, but there's nothing "new", just the same old question, so we skip it.

FWIW - You now have another reply
Okay, you win--sort of. :)boy nigel
Apr 10, 2001 2:00 PM

I realize that there isn't too much NEW out there, but I was just trying to see what people like about their pedals so I could make a more informed choice. The pedals I'm replacing are from 1991 or so, so I haven't done too much pedal shopping in recent times. FWIW, I also haven't seen that much on pedals on this board in a long time.

Thanks for playing along, though.

Cheers, and happy riding.
don't forget to check the reviews, tooDog
Apr 10, 2001 2:05 PM
There are a lot of reviews on each of the pedals you might be interested in. I would always start there. You usually can even email those who have posted reviews, and ask specific questions.

GEE...take a look at THIS reasonGary
Apr 10, 2001 2:43 PM

You can't win for losing...
re: Why 928 views but only 25 replies?Skip
Apr 10, 2001 3:25 PM
I would bet that in addition to some that read the post in passing, with no response, that those that do respond, probably check back several times to read other responses without re-responding. Just my .02 read on the matter.
5% rule, and polled to death.shmoo
Apr 10, 2001 4:26 PM
Two reasons that I can readily think of: FIRST: Speaking only for myself, I try to use the 5% rule - that is "keep my ears open 100% of the time, but my mouth open only 5%". I may be very interested in a particular discussion, but I will not comment unless I'm sure I have something to say, and I convinced I'm qualified to make the statement. This is especially true of advice. Also, I'll tend not to repeat something that's already been well covered. SECOND: I don't know how long you've been participating on this forum, Nigel, but it's been polled and surveyed to death. The minute it gets a little quiet on the board, there's a rash of surveys, including some real band-width wasters. My two cents....