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Worth it?(7 posts)

Worth it?BC
Apr 9, 2001 5:15 PM
Is it worth upgrading my chromly fork to a nicer carbon threadless one with a nice headset and stem? My stem is brand X and don't know about the headset.
re: Maybe, maybe not....Wessley
Apr 9, 2001 7:54 PM can get expensive. Is the frame and components worth it or is it time for a new bike? What are you trying to accomplish? Some steel forks ride very well and if you go with a steel steerer on the thredless one,you won't be saving alot of weight.
re: Maybe, maybe not....BC
Apr 10, 2001 5:01 AM
I have a Trek 1000 so the frame is okay, but not the best. I do not have enough money to buy a new $1500 bike so I figured I could spend a little here and there upgrading it and sell it higher later and buy a bike in a year or two.
I do a lot of upgrades, BUTSpoke Wrench
Apr 10, 2001 6:08 AM
Most upgrades can't be justified economically. If you upgrade your fork, you MIGHT get half your investment back when you sell your bike. I definitely wouldn't bet on getting any more than that.

I can think of four situations where upgrades make sense:
1. Something breaks and has to be replaced anyway.
2. Somebody gives you free parts.
3. You plan to keep and ride the bike "till death do you part."
4. Your hobby is upgrading bikes and you don't care about the economics.
Item #4, Spike Lee Agrees ...Breck
Apr 10, 2001 7:24 AM
"She's Gotta Have It"

Mebee the ONE REASON for some of us ...

As in Spike Lee's low budget comedy ( $175K ), it's quite clear what Nola's gotta have; that is, three boy friends and the perks go with them. So like Nola, summa us just gotta have more bikes and more parts.

Instead of opting for a Primo Ride out of pocket Up Front, we get teh Medium Beaters and then spend the small fortune upgrading them, never satisfied, reading the hype, spending the dollars, mebee Horse Collars.

Sound familiar?
mee too.

Big Ring
re: Maybe, maybe not....BillieJo
Apr 10, 2001 7:01 AM
....If I had a Trek 1000, I would just ride it and save my $ and hope to get a new ride sooner. Had a 1000, and glad it's gone....don't waste your money.Just MHO.....
re: Worth it?Poulidor
Apr 10, 2001 8:03 AM
I ride a Trek 1000, for commuting only. I don't think the frame is worth the price of the upgrade although I have no doubt that the carbon fork would smooth out the harsh ride somewhat. The 1000 frame beats the hell out of me, makes me glad for a relatively short round trip.