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I'm too tired!(4 posts)

I'm too tired!doc TRO
Apr 9, 2001 5:08 PM
My problem is that I want to start riding everyday after school just like the track team runs everyday afterschool....but when I finally get down to working on homework I'm too tired from the ride and I'm literally falling asleep on my desk.....whats the deal?

Today I tried downing a Centrum vitamin (which I take everymorning) when I got home from the ride thinking that I might be deffecient in something afterwards and that might boost it...oh well apparently didnt work....

and I dont think that doing 20 miles in an hour is really asking that much from my body....?

well any ideas?
re: I'm too tired!BC
Apr 9, 2001 5:31 PM
How old are you? It may be that you are growing and that can make you very tired. If not, you may just need a rest day for your body to catch up.
Give vitamins time, conditioning, too.Humma Hah
Apr 9, 2001 6:20 PM
Vitamins are not stimulants. If you were vitamin deficient, don't expect an instant pick-me-up.

If you're not used to riding like that, I'd expect to be worn out, too. Once your physical condition is up, you should improve.

What you experienced sounds like it could be a blood sugar crash. Did you get some recovery food after the ride? A mix of protein and some slow-burning carbs is a good bet. A jolt of sugar may perk you up for half an hour and then let you down like a trap door.
"From A to Zinc"Breck
Apr 10, 2001 8:34 AM
Centrum is a "low potency" multi-vitamin supplement with no element being greater than 100% of daily value. Fitness athletes need sometimes more than that depending on their chosen sport and daily eating habits. But high potency combo-vitamins can un-balance the system too. The typical American diet is not low in vitamins as we eat too much anyhow. However, 'athletes' are always trying to keep the calories on the low side so as not to get fatter than required so may be specific-vitamin deficient.

That's just one part of the equation. Each chosen sport requires muscle-specific related build up of your body. At first you go thru an aerobic (mild, and not taxing) base mileage phase regardless of running or biking regimens. This "hardens" your system for the stress of the anaerobic (not mild but taxing) phases to duplicate your intent; that is, short track races with speed bursts; longer crit races with thrown in attacks; longer road and ultra races, etc.

If just starting you have to have patience and some knowledge of training for your intent. Takes about ten years to peak if you haven't given up by then, realizing Genetics is a driving factor.

Get rid of the bike computer, if you have one, for a while so you won't be a slave to to post better and better times, regardless how you feel that day. Tiredness is a sign of over-stress at your level, what ever it is. If your resting pulse rate in the morning is ten beats off (non-recovered over-stress) or if your body weight in the morning is a pound or two low (dehydration, water weighs ~16 oz. the pint) back-off and take it EZ a day or two.

There is no real Cook Book but read, learn, and keep at it. You will either "arrive" or not.

just my take,
cheers, bgcc