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colnago masterlight vs ovalmaster(4 posts)

colnago masterlight vs ovalmasterharlydog
Apr 9, 2001 4:40 PM
Can anyone give me any feedback on the difference in ride between these two frames? There is no review on the ovalmaster. I am having a tough time find one of each, in my size, to try out.
Is the ovalmaster stiff? I do want the stiffness of AL.
I weigh 210
re: colnago masterlight vs ovalmasterPaulCL
Apr 9, 2001 5:52 PM
There was a review recently of the Ovalmaster in either ProCycling or Cycling Plus magazine. Check out their webpage on the "back issues" section. I think the issue was as recent as Jan or Feb.

As for my $.02 worth...the Ovalmaster is a stunning bike. I have a ti Colnago and it is a plush ride. Good luck.
re: colnago masterlight vs ovalmasterBrian C.
Apr 10, 2001 12:15 PM
Sorry your query didn't draw more commentary. I was hoping to look over your shoulder at what people had to say.
I can only vouch for the Master X-Light. The Colnago owner's manual said this bike is not recommended for people heavier than 209 pounds (95 kilograms), which was a relief because I weigh, for now, 205 pounds. You may want to check the owner's manual for the Ovalmaster - perhaps your LBS has one - to see if there are any recommended restrictions.
The Master X-Light is one of the few products I've bought that lived up to the many superlatives accorded it, such as in the product review section of this Web site. It's smooth, speedy and a source of great pride. And on long rides, the difference between it and my Cannondale hybrid aluminum bike (itself no slouch) was really quite remarkable.
Highly recommended.
Good luck.
re: colnago masterlight vs ovalmasterharlydog
Apr 12, 2001 3:13 AM
thanks to all that responded