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stationary bikes(3 posts)

stationary bikesdustin
Apr 9, 2001 1:21 PM
ok, i have a question. i'm a freshman at the University of Texas and as many people know, bikes get stolen a lot here. so to keep my road bike from getting jacked i leave at my aunt's house. this doesn't normally pose a problem, except in the evenings when i want to ride 'cause she lives about 30mins away. my question is, will riding a stationary bike (at higher RPM's) help me out any? i'm mainly concerned with getting my cadence higher, so i figure a stationary bike would be fine. any ideas or opinions are welcome...
I own one but can't stand it ...Humma Hah
Apr 9, 2001 3:10 PM
... They just don't seem to be the right geometry, and they're so, well, STATIONARY -- bikes are supposed to move, feel like they're flying, bank and swoop, not feel like some miserable piece of furniture that makes you sweat.

A lot of the guys here use their bike on rollers, and I'm likely to try that next winter (I'm moving back to a place that has winters).
cheap bike, too?Dog
Apr 9, 2001 3:22 PM
Stationaries are the last resort. I suppose the idea is conditioning, not fun. It's better than nothing, that's for sure.

But, before I resigned myself to only that, I'd get a cheap bike, make it look like a real POS, and ride that if necessary.