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Crushed Limestone(6 posts)

Crushed LimestoneKristin
Apr 9, 2001 10:30 AM
Does anyone here ride on limestone screenings? I have some friends who like riding on the Prarie Path and I hook up with them every so often to ride. I used to ride the path everyday and there are always plenty of road bikes around, but I'm pondering the wisdom of that. The dust clings to everything--especially gears--and you don't get as much traction. On the upside, its a very low impact ride. It was fine for a cheap hybrid, but perhaps not for a nicer road bike. Should I leave my friends in the dust?
re: YUCK!Akirasho
Apr 9, 2001 10:46 AM
I guess it would depend on your riding style, speed, type of tires and bike... but the beauty of a roadbike is when tires make fast contact to pavement...

Be the bike.
Funny you should askBrian C.
Apr 9, 2001 10:56 AM
I took my new road bike out on Sunday for its first big test and tried a rail trail in Southern Ontario that has limestone screenings. It was tough going, the traction was very poor. After a few miles of averaging 10-12 mph, I gave up and went back on the road - cars, potholes, glassy gutters and all. That said, the rail trail on a hybrid or mounttain bike is quite pleasant.
You give me hope!!!Kristin
Apr 9, 2001 11:39 AM
Until September, I lived just 1 block from the Prarie Path (also a rail path) and seeing as I had I hybrid, it seemed like a match made in heaven. I began last spring riding about 10 miles round trip and slowly increased it, but my evening rides got capped at 15 miles RT b/c I couldn't break my 13mph average.

As the season wore on too, I found that my trips were getting harder instead easier. One day, as I jumped on my bike, my landlord called after me, "hey, you wanna pump up those tires?" Then he handed me this strange looking contraption. No lie, I hadn't inflated my tires for 3 months! Things were all uphill (so to speak) from there.

Okay, I hope that's the most embarrassing tale I ever tell about cycling. I look forward to seeing how fast I can make a road bike go on pavement and with air in the tires.
Happy trailsBrian C.
Apr 9, 2001 12:16 PM
Rail trails must be the best thing since index shifting. The tranquility, the verdent views, that sense of history. It almost makes you want to quit your job and become a train engineer. (Well, almost.) It's just too bad there wasn't a network of hiking/biking paved roads.
My bike cut its teeth on crusher dust ...Humma Hah
Apr 9, 2001 12:25 PM
... Virginia Tech, where my old cruiser spent its first years, paved its pedestrian paths with limestone gravel and crusher dust. The usual procedure was to observe where the students walked, lay down the gravel and fine-chip stuff, let them pound it into the clay soil, and then lay down more. I watched them dig up an old trail, it was 12" thick and like concrete, requiring a large bulldozer to break it up (the dozer lifted 20-ft long slabs, and dropped them).

The bike slept outside for 4 years in a notoriously rainy climate, with little maintenance. I'm sure it picked up a trace of corrosion from limestone dust, but nothing serious, and it is going strong today, 30 years old.

Clean the bike and keep the bearings lubed and don't worry much.