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Hand Numbness(7 posts)

Hand NumbnessDean
Apr 9, 2001 4:17 AM
Have an odd situation. While riding in the colder weather, I was wearing winter gloves, not intended for cycling so there was no padding. I had no hand pain or numbness. But this weekend it was warm and rode with padded cycling gloves. I had numbness with the cycling gloves. Why would I get numbness with padded but not with non-padded gloves? I need new cycling gloves anyway, are there any out there that would be better under these circumstances?
Are you using gel padded gloves?shmoo
Apr 9, 2001 5:49 AM
I have found that the gel padded gloves tend to numb my hands, and after a few miles are just damned uncomfortable. So I use minimally padded non-gel gloves, which do not numb my hands at all. Actually, that's not entirely true. I've been using the Specialized BG glove, which has vertually no padding in the palm, heel of the thumb, or the web between your thumb and index finger. But it does have a thick gel pad on the heel of the hand. I never find myself resting squarely on that pad, but it does serve as sort of a side support (sorta like a block under the wheel of a car), and actually seams to help position the hands so that there is a little less wrist stress. They work great for me.
Are you using gel padded gloves?Lazy
Apr 9, 2001 7:08 AM
I have a set of PI gel gloves and they numb my hands after about 15 minutes. I find I have better luck riding without gloves at all (when it's warm enough). The only draw backs to this is you can't wipe off your tire after going through a patch of sharp stuff, and my hand doesn't have the nice terry cloth strip on the back of it to wipe stuff on.

On the positive side, I don't get silly looking tan lines on my hands. Well, if I can get rid of the lines on my forearms I got from pushing down my arm warmers last weekend that is. LOL
Are you using gel padded gloves?Dean
Apr 9, 2001 7:37 AM
The gloves are Gary Fisher. I do not think the padding is gel, but I am not sure.
numbness with shimano, none with campy...keith m.
Apr 9, 2001 6:56 AM
I know this doesnt help much, but my hands would go numb all the time with shimano. When I switched to campy shifters, it was gone for good.
numbness with shimano, none with campy...Dean
Apr 9, 2001 7:37 AM
I replaced my bike that had Shimano with one that has Campy and it is MUCH better.
less is moresimstress
Apr 9, 2001 11:56 PM
Ditto all the comments about "less is more". I dislike thick gloves-- no need for all that stuff between me and the bike. (I also avoid gel in saddles.) FWIW, I use PI White Line gloves. Not too thick, nice colors, and a convenient strip of terry cloth to finish off any snot rockets that didn't quite make it all the way. ;) I toss them in the washer 1x or 2x a week.