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Wanted to thank the guys who answered my questions..........(2 posts)

Wanted to thank the guys who answered my questions..........Jim Lukens
Apr 8, 2001 9:06 AM
regarding buying my 1st bike. I just bought the 99 Diamondback Expert. It's the first bike I've ridden which didn't feel like some medieval torture device. It came with clipless pedals and the shoes and I've already got one fall in my driveway. However, I can also see the benefit of those things. Thanks again for helping me out.

Jim Lukens
Apr 8, 2001 12:50 PM
as for the clipless,

make sure you lower the pressure to as low as you can, you can't put as much force on them while sprinting you may pop out and stuff...but it's easyer to pull out till you get used to them :)

i started w/ clips on my flats in MTB and went to clipless on my MTB, some how i've never fallend cause of them :) it's amazing :)...when i got my road bike the bike shop put some SPD compatable pedals at my request (i couldn't afford road only shoes but when i can i'm getting speed play x2 :) 1st he put on single sided POS's just couldn't get used to that so i went back and asked for 2 sided SPD's (mtb pedals) after 1 ride w/ them i had to turn the spring up higher about 5 no pop out less i want to

have fun :)