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Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?(26 posts)

Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?boy nigel
Apr 8, 2001 8:16 AM
Been using Sampson Stratics Ti (as light as top-end Speedplays) since '91, but they're in need of replacement. I'll probably go with Look 296s from last year (if only they could lose some weight, though!).

That's me. What about you all? Curious as to who finds which pedals good or bad, and for which reasons.

Campy Pro-fitPaulCL
Apr 8, 2001 8:59 AM
campy record pro-fit:
why? My components are Campy. But...they are light, a solid platform, well made, look good, and overpriced. All you would expect from Campy.
Campy Pro-fit-Bargain hunterPete
Apr 9, 2001 4:32 AM
I also use the profits. For the same reason that this guy does. Except I was frugal and waited awhile. I got mine for only $149.
Of course the one thing I am wondering is if people are complaining about the price of an item, why the heck to they buy it? I find it pretty funny that people seem to always add in reviews that a weakness of certain products is the cost. Well, common sense would dictate to me if you can't afford it don't buy it. (however I digress)
I was a Time user for 10 years. I still love these pedals, but I wanted to try something new. I'll use the profits until they die. Then I will probaby return to the Time pedal and Shoe.
Why do you like Times vs. Pro-fit? nmbill
Apr 9, 2001 7:17 AM
Campy Pro-fit-Bargain hunter TOO!PaulCL
Apr 9, 2001 10:44 AM
I paid $179 for mine. With open eyes, I paid extra (vs Looks, etc) so that I could have the Campy product. I had just upgraded to all Record and I needed new pedals. I could afford it. But they were (are) still expensive versus their peers.
Look 286 (bianchi fan)yapsaw
Apr 8, 2001 9:35 AM
Why an older model? I got this way back in 98 and it was straight from the Bianchi factory in Italy. Good thing about this pedal is that it's almost the same as a 296 with a little less movement and it's in the celeste color. Even Bianchi retailers here don't seem to sell 296 versions in celeste so it's quite a teasure for me.
Look 247DaveG
Apr 8, 2001 11:17 AM
I'm I diehard Look fan. Yes, they are heavy, but they are also reliable, offer a large stable platform, have reasonable float, and cleats are available everywhere and fit most all shoes. I borrowed a pair of Speedplays last year and liked the float but I was concerned over how the smaller platform would fare on longer rides. Unfortunately, I was not able to test them long enough to mitigate that concern. To me, Looks are a good choice for all but the weight-centric rider.
Ditto on Look'sDINOSAUR
Apr 8, 2001 12:53 PM
I am also a Look fan. Purchased 247's, large platform, about the easiest to engage and disengage. Not the lightest, but they have been bullet proof. I'd buy them again. A tad on the expensive side, but I'm sure if you Look around (pun intended) you can find a good deal on them....
Double ditto on the Lookslook271
Apr 8, 2001 2:27 PM
Amen. You can find lighter, but you won't find any more relieable or comfortable, or easier to get in or out of. As for price, their lower models can be had for less than $100. With Looks, you don't HAVE to have the stiffest shoes available. The platform is large enough to compensate for a little flex in the shoe.
Apr 8, 2001 1:46 PM
Cuz im kinda poor and use time MTB thermoplastic pedals on the road bike.
re: Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?tr
Apr 8, 2001 3:14 PM
I use the Time road pedal. It is more expensive than alot of the others, but it has the best base for force distribution. Sure, it is a little heavier, but that doesn't stop the pros from using it (including 130 lb Pantani and Ullrich and many others). The pros use Time and Look for the most part. The Look is more feasable from an expense standpoint, but i think the time is more durable and it has a slightly better base than look. The look has the hole in the platform which trims weight, but if that were filled the force distribution would be better. The force would not be point loaded along the edges of the pedal. I would use either Look or Time with confidence.
Apr 8, 2001 3:19 PM
I used to be a Look guy (for about 10 years). Then I got some Speedplay X2's. I love 'em. Here's why (in order of importance to me):

1. Two sided entry.
2. I love the free float.
3. Easy to get out of.
4. Have never pulled out of one (not so for Looks)
5. They're light.
5A. They look cool.

The platform is small, but IMHO it's made up for in the cleats.
Apr 8, 2001 6:20 PM
Ditto all the above for Speedplay's! I had SPD-R's before, and hated them: single sided entry, a real PIA to get in & out of, little float hurt my knees, heavier, etc. Speedplay X-2's just fit the bill, and work great. I haven't experienced any "hot foot", but I haven't done a century yet to evaluate that. Never felt a problem that some say about the "on ice" feel. With the carbon soles, and the speedplay platform, I don't believe that "feel of a small platform" is an issue.
Apr 9, 2001 5:30 PM
I have the X-2's and have experienced big time HOT feet. It might be from the pedals or it might be from the Specialized team comp shoes that I purchased at the same time I got the pedals (Christmas 00).
I have almost given up on the pedals and the shoes. But as time goes they both seam to be getting a little better. Maybe the shoes are breaking in or I am just getting used to the pedals. I am trying to work through it because of the huge weight savings I get from the X-2's compared to the other pedals out on the market. If I do switch, I will go with Looks.
Hot feetLazy
Apr 9, 2001 7:33 PM
FWIW, I have Sidi Energy's and haven't had any problems at all.
I don't use pedals!!Car Magnet
Apr 8, 2001 3:21 PM
Thankfully my big toes are threaded. Seriously, I use Speedplay X2.
I like the float and the double-sided entry (for city riding). I probably would not recommend them for wide feet.
re: Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?Broom Wagon
Apr 8, 2001 4:49 PM
I've been using SpeedPlay X-2s for about 6 years. Before that, I was strictly a Look or Shimano (Look) user until I started having knee problems. Even after a RAD fitting, I still experienced knee pain. I finally had my knee scoped which helped immensely to alleviate the pain but have been using SpeedPlays ever since. I like the rotation feeling.
re: Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?Tom
Apr 8, 2001 6:31 PM
Well there's no vogue being satisfied here but I use PP166 Looks.I think the second generation of Look pedals is just about perfect.They have inboard needle bearings, the retaining nut is metal not plastic and doesn't require the Look Moab tool to take apart.Bearing infiltration is non-existant. They don't use the cheaper black spindle which rusts easily as on the later models and to top it off I stopped using ARC red cleats this year and put on a pair of the black fixed cleats I'd had for years and guess what, no more accidental release from the pedal, no clicking and a secure feeling of connection to the pedal as I remember it from the old clip and strap days. Knock the 424 gram per pair weight if you like, there's more to riding than gram OCD.
Time ATACMaui
Apr 8, 2001 6:51 PM
I use Time ATAC because I prefer having one pair of shoes for mtb and road. They're amazing in the mud and perform well on the road too.
Apr 8, 2001 7:27 PM
lighter then speedplay, cheaper, tons of float. dual sided
they have the lowest stack
Definitely Bebops!DT
Apr 9, 2001 6:50 AM
I've been using mine for about 4 years now and have never had an unintentional unclipping. I'm thinking about replacing the cleats, but other than that, I've not had one problem with them. I had a friend of mine pop out of his look pedals on a 35mph downhill, taking me with him, so I'm definitely not ever oing to try look pedals.
Tell me about the Bebops, please.boy nigel
Apr 9, 2001 7:18 AM
I've considered them since I've always loved the looks of them, and that they're kinda the underdogs now with the whole Speedplay war (they battled in court with Bebop winning, but you can't get them everywhere).

I don't know that I need all that float (yet, anyway...). I've heard of the Speedplay Phenomenon (walking on ice); does this happen with Bebops as well? Any input (preferably detailed) on how they feel, how they click out (positive clickout or do you just come out at a certain angle), and how much inward play they have is very much appreciated. I've heard of Speedplay owners wearing away paint on their chainstays due to too much inward float (and possibly not the finest pedalstrokes in the world).

Do you know of ANY mail order places that sell them? I know of one shop in NYC that sells them, but the pricing isn't nearly as low as mail order houses.

Thanks a LOT for your advice/input, DT.

Tell me about the Bebops, please.Reed Rudy
Apr 9, 2001 8:09 AM
I was just looking through a bike magazine and saw that a couple places sell them:

*Cambria Bicycle Outfitter
*Adrenaline bikes 800-579-8932.
*Universal Cycles

You can also go to and they have a listing of local retailers for your area. Hope that helps.
Re: bebopscyclopathic
Apr 9, 2001 9:17 AM
I have had bebops on my mnt bike and then on road. No Speedplay experience.

they feel pretty much like regular shimano SPDs, you get float but not ice slick float foot doesn't slip off. Dual sided so when you pull off the traffic light you can just step on without worrying too much

They are light (CroMo are 210g, 200g stainless and 180g deluxe).
Cambria had them on sale for 99$. 109$ is catalog price, for 109$ you can them ordered in LBS
Ritchey Logic RoadACE
Apr 8, 2001 9:47 PM
Although they're pretty light, I got them primarily because I can use both my MTB and Road shoes/cleats with them.
re: Poll: Who uses which pedals and why (or why not)?Monte2
Apr 9, 2001 5:09 PM
Speedplay Frogs. If you like the dual sided entry, light weight and float of the X-2s but don't like the fickle sensitive nature of the cleats (any mud or dirt and you're almost forced to take them apart and rebuild them which really blows during ride), I'd recommend the Frogs. I debated between the Frogs and the Bebops, but decided to go with the Frogs, because of my experience with the X-2s.