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Ride for the Roses weekend(3 posts)

Ride for the Roses weekenddustin73
Apr 7, 2001 9:36 PM
hey, i don't know if any of you guys were here in Austin for the RftR weekend, but at the Expo, there was a bike made by Rourke that weighed 15lbs (complete, but no pedals). that's incredible. well, to me at least. and it looked so nice and clean. have any of y'all heard of Rourke before?
re: Ride for the Roses weekendLanterne Rouge
Apr 9, 2001 1:33 PM
I was there, and it was a blast. The downtown criterium was awesome, the food, drink and live tunes on 6th Street were great, and the metric century on Sunday was a lot of fun. Didn't see much of Lance, though. Also, the mass start on Sunday was a friggin' circus -- thousands of riders trying to get to the front (I have no idea why), with cones placed in the traffic lanes causing crashes (I saw two in the first 10 minutes). Nevertheless, I'd still recommend the event to anyone.

I saw that frame at the expo -- I think it's Roark. I rode in a paceline with a guy on Sunday who had one. Said it felt just like a Litespeed, but was lighter. Nice looking frames.
Great Weekend!!TJ
Apr 9, 2001 2:32 PM
I was there and had a great time. The long trip back to amarillo last night was a little difficult after the 100k, but I made it safe and sound. I highly recommend it to anyone. By the way, I was probably one of the slow people you wished would move out of the way of your paceline:)
big bald guy in a "Jelly Belly" jersey, unless I cut you off or something, then I was really in a 'ride for the roses' jersey:)