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Lemond Nevada City...opinions...for a new guy...(4 posts)

Lemond Nevada City...opinions...for a new guy...roadweary
Apr 7, 2001 12:35 PM
I am looking for a road bike to train on, augmenting my mountanbike riding regimen. I am looking for an affordable, but not cheap, bike that would be worthy of upgrades as parts wear/break. The Lemond seems to be an awesome deal for the $$ (799). I also looked at the Specialized Allez and a Trek something-or-other, but the Lemond seemed to fit the bill better, and was cheaper. I understand the components are not race ready or anything, but the frame would be a great canvas to build up on as things go. Any thoughts?

I have test ridden them, and while the Allez feels a bit snappier, the Lemond is more comfy, but by no means a dog. I'm sure with a few tweeks here and there (eventually wheels and maybe ultegra), the Nevada City would be a great road ride.

re: Lemond Nevada City...opinions...for a new guy...JohnnyP
Apr 7, 2001 4:32 PM
If you are already thinking wheels and ultegra,why not just buy a bike equipped that way.Alot cheaper in the end. Also the 853 frame in the Nevada City isn't the same as the higher quality one in the Top Lemond model.
re: Lemond Nevada City...opinions...for a new guy...roadweary
Apr 7, 2001 5:09 PM
What I meant was like a year or two down the road, as things wore, I'd upgrade. I just need a solid road bike to get me through the summer and next fall for not alot of bucks.
re: Lemond Nevada City...opinions...for a new guy...RickMTB
Apr 9, 2001 5:43 AM
Recently purchased my first road bike (long time MTBer, also have a 'bent). I bought a Lemond Buenos Aires, which is the same frame but with a carbon fork, Rolf wheels, and full 105 components. Since fit is the most important criteria, I would say go with the bike that feels most comfortable. And if you trust Bicycling magazine, they reviewed the Tourmalet (the model between the Nevada City and Buenos Aires) and while they felt the components were heavy, the frame was worthy of upgrade. I have a long torso and short legs (I really should get a custom frame, but $$$$'s were an issue), and my LOB felt it was the best suited to my strange geometry.

BTW, while the NC, the BA, and the Tourmalet all use a blend of reynolds steel (853 main triangle, 525 rear triangle) versus all 853, it probably is a minimal difference in weight and ride. I weigh 200lbs, so perhaps I am better off with the mix anyway.

The one thing I am upgrading is the saddle (to a Terry Fly) and perhaps the stem (for a 90 degree). I would suggest getting rid of the pedals and going clipless (the BA came pedalless; I am using my Time ATACs).