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Where do I go from here?...(8 posts)

Where do I go from here?...DT
Apr 7, 2001 10:22 AM
About a month ago I posted my new PR for a one-day "just cuz" ride and my 7 day mileage record. It was 85 in a day and 250 for the week. Well, thanks to all of you out there paying my paycheck (taxpayers...I'm in the Air Force!) :o) I was able to take this past week off with pay and best my records...350 for the week, and 115 in a day! My problem is three days I will start pilot training, so I'll be working 12+ hour days 5 days per week for the next year. How do you go from riding 350 in a week to work hours like that? My Klein will think I've deserted it!
re: Where do I go from here?...Bruno S
Apr 7, 2001 11:14 AM
How about forgeting about the bike for one year and learning how to fly the plane really well. We are counting on you to defend us from the Chinese and other "trade partners". Good luck in your training!
re: Where do I go from here?...fuzzybunnies
Apr 7, 2001 6:22 PM
You still have to get from where ever you sleep to where ever you go to train, any distance is good. Also get 2 days free. TTFN
re: Where do I go from here?...DT
Apr 7, 2001 7:21 PM
My wife and I are downsizing to one car as most of my rides originate from the house. Also, I only live 1.5 miles from work, so as soon as we sell our second car I'm building up an old frame to use as a commuter...wanna buy a '98 Jetta? :o)
from one USAF rider to anothergeezer
Apr 7, 2001 11:27 PM
First, good luck with UPT. Second, the way to keep up the mileage with long work days is to commute by bike. It can be really tough to fit rides around long work days. Commuting is usually to answer to riding often enough and make the weekend rides pleasant.

Logistically, its easy to commute on flying status in the Air Force. I've been doing it for years (I'm rated mission crew on the E-3 Sentry AWACS.) Flight suits are so easy to wear its almost silly. No ties, no ironing, no nice shoes, no nice slacks, etc. Just slap some patches on, step in and zip up. Its great. You probably have a locker at work? Leave a pair of flight boots, jacket, cap and a flight suit in your locker. All you need to carry with you on the ride is an undershirt, underpants, socks, cycling clothes for ride home, and a washcloth. If you need to change out your flight suit, you just roll up a clean one for the ride in and take the dirty one home with you that evening. Flight suits aren't heavy or bulky at all. You should also still have room to carry whatever study or planning materials you need with you for that evening. You might have easy access to a shower at work, but I've found that a shower after the ride in isn't really needed. Provided I shower and shave before leaving, I just need to wipe myself with a hot, wet washcloth and slap on some fresh deoderant after arriving at work. Good to go.

Nice thing about Air Force culture is that physical fitness is officially encouraged, so I never catch any flak about cycling to and from work. I do, however, make sure that I don't hang about in cycling clothes. I go straight to the locker room and change into uniform prior to doing any business or hanging around in the squadron.
Great to know there's someother USAF riders out there....Red Dog #1
Apr 9, 2001 2:03 AM
Somethings I learned as a flying crewchief. Depending on what you finally end up flying you may be able to bring your bike along with you. You may also want to consider taking up running or something else along those lines for the times your seperated from your bike. It can be tough eating good and staying shape while TDY. With a little planning though it can be worked around. BTW do any of you ever fly through Lajes Field?
Great to know there's someother USAF riders out there....Lazy
Apr 9, 2001 7:13 AM
I spent 90 days there back in 1994. Windy windy windy. Pretty place though. I bet there's some nice rides to be had on Terciera.
Your right about the wind!!!Red Dog #1
Apr 9, 2001 2:47 PM
I've never had to work so hard in my life for such slow average speeds! 10%+ grades and a 20 knot head wind make for a real work out. Your right about this being a beutiful place. Lots of stone wall lined roads and ocean veiws while riding.