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Just curious...(3 posts)

Just curious...Mellow Yellow
Apr 6, 2001 12:51 PM
I ususally post over in but I road ride almost as much as I mountain bike. I own a Softride Norwester which is my commuter/touring bike. I wondered if there are any road "gatherings" of similar nature as the off road "gatherings" that are held over in

Mellow Yellow (thank you for your time)
Howdy, M.Y. ...Humma Hah
Apr 6, 2001 12:58 PM
In roadbiking, "fun runs" abound. These are non-competitive rides (not that a lot of folks don't try for a race-pace". Pay your entry fee and go ride anywhere from 5 to 200 miles with maybe 100 to 10,000 other riders. These can be great parties.

When MTBers get together, there's usually a race involved, and organized fun runs are not as common. But on the road, its often difficult or impossible to legally race, and organizers have more luck with an officially non-competitive format.
re: Just curious...bike_junkie
Apr 8, 2001 1:45 PM
Hi Mellow, I met you when you came down to AZ in '99 and we rode pima/dynamite with TMann and Silversurfer. No, the site doesn't have any organized gatherings such as AZSF, I'd say in general, the mtb folks at passion are much closer and this is a more diverse group. I also think mtb'ers are more inclined to travel out of state or across the country to ride somebody elses trails more than roadies will go to ride some strange roads. Take care.
bike_junkie (formerly Zorak)