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Adapting road bike for TT(2 posts)

Adapting road bike for TTCitius
Apr 6, 2001 9:17 AM
Just curious. How do most of you adapt your road bike for TT use? Do you only add aerobars, or do you also adjust your fore and aft saddle position to adjust for the more forward position? Does anyone use a bent seatpost to bring your body closer to the bars?

what I doDog
Apr 6, 2001 11:26 AM
I just add the aerobars, then move my seat slightly forward and up a bit. To keep the hip to pedal distance the same, if the seat goes forward, you gotta go up. It helps if you can get very low and narrow, but still pedal and breathe effectively. It helps a whole lot to practice in your racing position.

If you can throw on some aero (deep section rim), low spoke count, high pressure, narrow tubulars and a close ratio cogset, you're there.

Don't forget the clothes. A skin suit can make a difference vs. a loose, flapping in the wind jersey.

Anything beyond the above will result in slight diminishing returns. If you start coming in second place by 2 seconds, then start looking at real time trial bikes and disk wheels.