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80's Raliegh Record BB(6 posts)

80's Raliegh Record BBMello Man
Apr 6, 2001 4:47 AM
I recently started building up and old road bike an 80's vintage Raliegh Record and I wanted to replace the old BB with a new sealed version. I took my measurements and thought I had a 36cm x 70cm shell with a 125mm shaft. So I got a 36cm x 70cm shimano BB and it won't fit the fixed cup won't go in at all and the adjustable I can screw in the first thread but it's real tight. Any thoughts? This is my first attempt at outfitting an older road bike.
check thisJiggy
Apr 6, 2001 5:53 AM
seem what kind of cable guides are on the bottom of the bb shell; if a plastic one, make sure that the screw holding it on isn't interfering with the bb cups or threads
check thisMello Man
Apr 6, 2001 11:30 AM
The cable guide is welded to the top of the BB shell so I don't think this is it.. Is there such a thing as a 34mm shell??
Apr 6, 2001 12:40 PM
English threads are 1.37" or approx 34.8mm... there are also (say it ain't so) French threads, but these are rare
re: 80's Raliegh Record BBTom
Apr 6, 2001 12:49 PM
It appears you are trying to fit an Italian bb to an older Raleigh.There are two serious problems here.Older Raleighs especially British made Raleighs had a unique bb thread. Typical English threaded bb's are 1.375" x24 t.p.i. with a 68mm bb shell width. Raleigh of that vintage is most likely 1.375x26 t.p.i. with a shell width of anywhere from 71-76mm.So youv'e got a threading difference and you have a shell width that could cursorily appear to be Italian.I think the giveaway is that fixed cup. Italian threads in oppositely from both Raleigh and British.You may have damaged a few threads in the shell but probably nothing to ruin the bike.Don't force the cartridge bb., you will not be able to use it. Either use the old one if possible or if not go to Sheldon Brown at the Harris Cyclery site and find the article on bb's. I remember an older Raleigh collectors or enthusiast site that you can link to from Brown's.From there you may be able to buy what you need or find what is being made to fit. My intuition tells me that possibly Phil Wood could be it.
re: 80's Raliegh Record BBMello Man
Apr 9, 2001 9:45 AM
Thanks Tom, I think you are right about the size. I have my LBS looking to see if they have a half decent replacement or if my old one is worth reusing.