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Alright you cycling doctors- HELP!(4 posts)

Alright you cycling doctors- HELP!OuchItHurts
Apr 5, 2001 4:41 PM
Before you say anything, yes I have taken this up with my doctor. Just looking for some info from docs that ride or anyone else.

Going on two months ago, I was out for a ride. I did about 25 miles at an easy pace. I've been riding for about 10 yrs and have had the same bike for the last 6. No changes in position recently. Dropped the seat about 5mm a year ago with no issues...

After the ride, I noticed one of my testicles was VERY tender to the touch. After a few hours it settled into a just an ache that kind of spread out and towards my lower back/abdomen. Anyway, after a week I wasn't tender, but I still was uncomfortable so I went to the dr. He put me on some anti-inflamatory and said he couldn't detect anything unusual, no twisting etc. So I take the meds and still no better or worse.

I talk to the doc and he sends me to a urologist. HE finds nothing wrong, but also gets some x-rays done to check for kidney stones etc.
The urologist puts me on some Steriodal anti-infalmatory meds. I'll never know if they were performance enhancing damn it! I was staying off the bike per dr's orders. All the tests came back normal.

So, you see where this is going I'm sure.. Nearly two months gone by w/ NO riding and NO improvement.

Any ideas out there? Similar situations? Anyone? I'm going to call my dr. back tomorrow and would like to be able to have some other possibilities to suggest that he can maybe check out.

I'm obviously getting a little desparate here! I gotta get back on the bike!

Thanks for your help,
Some things I've been thru ...Dr Gil's Patient
Apr 5, 2001 5:08 PM
... First, my urologist is the partner of a urologist name Sehn. You know his work -- he's the one who sewed John Wayne Bobbit's pecker back on (this was a success -- JWB later did an adult film to prove it).

I was diagnosed with bilateral varicocele, essentially varicose veins of the testicles. Feels like a bag of worms. This was treated by a bilateral varicocelectomy -- not painful but possibly interferes with daddyhood.

Within 6 months, a "new" problem arose, a hydrocele, or accumulation of fluid in one testicle. This does have the potential to be painful, and I suspect I'd always had a mild one, possibly from an encounter with a bike seat as a teen. The prior operation (which cuts off the varicose veins, under the assumption that the blood will find another way back to the heart) probably aggravated an existing condition.

Treatment for hydrocele can involve draining and hoping it does not recur, or surgury in which the membrane around it is "turned inside out" -- I've never gotten a better explanation than than.

Some localized trauma could be responsible, a small area of mashed or mangled tissue that's giving you fits. If it does not heal on its own, get it fixed before it develops into a hydrocele.

The other obvious possiblity is Armstrong's: testicular cancer. I'm sure they're checking for that, too. Bad news, of course, but we have a good example that it can be fought successfully. Plus, its unlikely that's your problem.

One final thought on urologists -- mostly they treat old men with prostate problems. If you get the impression yours does not understand injury conditions, you're entitled to a second opinion.
im suffering from left nut painjohn de
Apr 5, 2001 5:14 PM
the doc put me on antibiotics..its supposedly pretty common...does your nut have a slight protrusion right where the wire contects...mine does, thats where the problem is...
re: Alright you cycling doctors- HELP!Woof the dog
Apr 5, 2001 8:13 PM
I am not a doctor, but really a patient. When I was only fourteen, I went to the doctor for a regular checkup. They found that I have the veins in the left testicle basically bulged up causing a testicle to be lower than the right one and causing a really dull painful sort of sensation. I don't know any medical terms, but basically, they cut my lower left abdomen and apparently tied up a vein that goes to the testicle to reduce blood flow. I think thats what the other poster described. Results were good - the flow of blood to it was reduced and now my right one is actually lower than a left one, which is good. However, I continued having discomfort for another year. Funny thing. When I consulted a doctor friend, he said I was fine and I forgot about the discomfort. Just put it out of my mind and I never recall it coming back since that day. Isn't that weird? Now, something else that I heard somewhere had to do with anxiety, stress, and something like pressure created by semen in some kind of duct, whatever its called (do i really need to pull that anatomy book down?) Maybe you should 'get it off' (wink wink) and that will help.
Good luck.
Woof, the winking dog.