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my friend says when he rides behind my Lemond Zurich it ....(3 posts)

my friend says when he rides behind my Lemond Zurich it ....bent frame
Apr 4, 2001 1:53 PM
looks to be bent. He says the wheels dont look lined up. Any ideas on what this is? Its never been crashed or anything like that.
Looks Can Be Deceiving....grz mnky
Apr 4, 2001 2:06 PM
Although the human eye can be fooled, it is also very good at picking up an alignment problem like this. Chances are, if it looks this way, then it probably is. The most likely culprit is that you wheels are out of alignment in the dropouts. Either they're not both fully in, or the dropouts are in the wrong place. I had an old French bike that was like this.

An easy way to check is to get a long straight edge and place it along both sides of both rims near the axles, use identical spacers (to clear the spokes) and see if it hits at all 4 points 9best with tires off the rims). Another check is to ride no-handed and see if you have to contort your upper body to keep the bike tracking straight. Your best bet is to get it checked by a frame builder, independent from the shop. It's not that hard to tweak a frame - you may have done nothing wrong, but shipping bikes around the world is full of risks. Excess or the wrong spacers at the axles will also throw things off.
A couple of other ways to check and possible problemsKerry Irons
Apr 4, 2001 4:17 PM
Get up some speed and ride steadily through a wet spot. If your wheels are out of whack, they will leave two tracks. Causes can be wheels not square in the dropouts, bent frame, bent dropouts, and wheels not properly dished. Note: front rims need to be centered over the hubs and rear rims need to be centered between the dropouts. A poor job of truing the front wheel, leaving the rim off-center, has convinced people (and bike shops) that the frame is bent.