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Pik-n-Sav Bikes ...(2 posts)

Pik-n-Sav Bikes ...Breck
Apr 4, 2001 8:09 AM
The bike stuff is getting old. It;s reliable and nothings broke yet, butt ...both the old '95 ice tea OCLV 5200 frame set and the '95 vintage red Klein Fervor (sans decals) are starting to be one-of-a-kind on the road around here with all the Pilgrims making this one horse back country town a destination. Mebee it's the 1870 soda fountain, I don't know. Apple pie & latte's the deal here, but Menghini does have a winery way out off Farmer's Road. Mebee bikes are like some blush red wines. Buy 'em, age a while; drink 'em up -enjoy!; then toss 'em. New bottle same process. The dark reds of course you keep a while longer. You hardly sample some whites.
Bought spare parts and back up gruppo items for these bikes, mostly on sale or in close-out bins. An Ultegra triple crank with all the rings, chain wheel nuts, crank bolts, for $54. What's wrong with this picture? Ahhh, no more square bottom bracket spindles.
'Bout a year or more ago I went into the fifth reincarnation of sales persons turn over of my LBS. Needed an 8-speed Dura-Ace chain. The sales kid never heard of eight speed. Nine speeds the deal. Panicked and ordered three vintage chains from CC even though they were not in the cat. Have back ups and spare parts for most of the road and MTB gruppo sets. Even a coupla extra forks and a few un built up 50% off frames, like the Specialized Allez Pro db steel with the Alum Fork w/head-set went out of a SuperGo (originally Bike Ecology) for right at $200 back in ~1995. They scavange 'em for gruppos for more expensive bikes.
Used to be fun to plow the discount bins and super sales of my local LBS strung out over 110 miles of my scavenging route. A TTT Status quill stem, 110 mm for $15. Oh, going out of business? Only makes me glad did not buy Julian Bicycle Co, when Rich put it up for sale. No takers. So he kept the name and operates off his 30 acre property. Nice neat winding road up to it. Pleeze close the gate so the horses don't get out.
But not having much fun any more, except for the ridin'. Parts starting to look strange. What, no deal on down tube shifters? Am not low-tek where it counts, nor retro believe me, and don't spend near enuff monies on essentials,'cept good brand of dog food for the old fashioned Collies; keeps 'em away from the chickens which need for the eggs.
So back to Pik-n-Sav for fun. Geeze, wish they would get in sum bike parts. As for me, am sticking to the olde stuff for a while & Cowboy Coffee made the Folger's way.
I got my bike pump there ...Humma Hah
Apr 4, 2001 10:06 AM
... I think I paid about 2.95 for the pump at Pic'n Save. It is light and compact, it works (I doubt it will develop the pressure for a roadbike tire, but it handles MTB pressures).

I keep looking for anything else useful there, but so far, little luck.