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Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo Mirage(7 posts)

Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo Mirageeoind
Apr 4, 2001 5:00 AM
What is the better groupset for my first road bike: Shimano Sora or Campagnolo Mirage?
I am about to buy my first road bike and have narrowed my search down to the Trek 1000, (with Shimano Sora groupset, and two almost identical Bianci Gold Race 100's, (these are UK models). One of the Bianci's has the Shimano Sora groupset, and the other has Campag's Mirage groupset. Assuming that everything else is equal, (a big assumption), which groupset would you reccomend?
re: Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo MirageBritRacer
Apr 4, 2001 5:32 AM
I think that between Sora and Mirage, I'd definitely go for the Mirage. At the higher price points, it becomes more of an issue between wether you prefer Ergopower (Campag) or STI (Shimano) but at this level, there are some significant differences. I've tested the Sora setup on a friend's bike and found it to be a bit plasticy and also seems to look pretty tatty after a couple of month's of frequent use, compared to the Mirage which is considerably less subtle than the Sora but feels more solid and certainly seems to be more robust.

Also, the Sora shifters (more like Ergopower than STI)are nice for use when on the hoods but are tricky to use from the drops, a disadvantage that Mirage doesn't share.

Ignore anyone that tells you out of hand that either Shimano or Campag in general are rubbish, since they both have their advantages (many of them down to personal preference). The supposed idea that Campag wears in while Shimano wears out is in my experience just an easy catch phrase and certainly not true of all that I've seen on my own, customers' and friends' bikes.

For the record, I currently use Campag Chorus 10, having swapped from Ultegra 9. I personally find the Campag a bit more definite but with the payback that it's slightly more 'clunky'. Ultimately, I'd be happy to race on either Campag or Shimano.
re: Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo MirageBritRacer
Apr 4, 2001 5:35 AM
Just another thing, if you want advice in the future from a UK Forum, give a go. Admittedly it's MTB orientated but the road section has it's own crowd that also mix in with the MTB crowd (although several of us would consider that we're in both crowds) and there are plenty of very helpful people

Hope to see you there...
re: Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo MiragePoulidor
Apr 4, 2001 1:33 PM
I have both the Campagnolo Mirage gruppo (on the Bianchi Campione D'Italia) and the Sora gruppo (on the Trek 1000). I believe that you will be much happier with the Mirage. It shifts well and is very robust. The Sora components are usable but are of clearly lower quality fit and finish. I don't know what frame material the Bianchi bikes you mentioned are made of but the Trek 1000 frame is very stiff and very harsh. If you have rough roads where you plan to ride, I would strongly consider a steel frame bike. I don't believe you can go wrong with a steel Bianchi. Cheers.
re: Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo Mirageeoind
Apr 5, 2001 5:15 AM
Thanks for the advice. The Gold Race 100 that I was refering to has an aluminium frame,, (although this Gold Race 100 on the Bianci UK site has Shimano gear on it). I'm new to road bikes so I wasn't really aware until pretty recently that an aluminium frame can give a significantly harsher ride than a steel frame. I guess the roads around Dublin, (Ireland), aren't the best, but I was always led to believe that it is worth paying the extra for the lighter aluminium and sacrificing a little bit of comfort. Would a better fitting saddle make the ride more comfortable and compensate for the harsher aluminium frame? I think I'm getting a good deal on this bike, IR£800, (approx US$910), for the bike, SPD pedals and shoes, but I'm beginning to have doubts now.
re: Shimano Sora vs Campagnolo MiragePoulidor
Apr 5, 2001 9:30 AM
I agree with BK, inexpensive aluminum frames do not save a significant amount of weight over inexpensive steel frames but they do have a much harsher ride. As much as I like Bianchi frames, you might be better off finding another good quality steel frame with Campagnolo Mirage components rather than the Gold Race 100. The other alternative is to pay the extra money and get a steel Bianchi frame with Campagnolo components. It may be more expensive but you will not regret the higher quality frame and components. For what it's worth, the Trek 1000 comes with a steel fork but it does nothing to dampen the harshness of the ride.
somewhat off topic replybk in chula vista
Apr 5, 2001 6:01 AM
My suggestion might be to test ride both an aluminum and steel framed bike before you decide. Budget aluminum doesn't save all that much weight over steel, and it's the budget alu that rides harshest. Alu can be comfortable, but must be extensively worked and generally are made of alloys that drive the price up out of the range you are looking at. Also, budget alu frames tend to come w/alu forks rather than carbon fiber and the ride of alu forks isn't exactly first rate, IMHO. Good luck.