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Best bike for under $2000?(17 posts)

Best bike for under $2000?MrQuestions
Apr 3, 2001 5:37 PM
I've looked at the Fuji Team, Trek 2200/2300 - considered some used bikes but it all just makes me more confused. The Specialized Allez Comp looks like a good deal, but for the most part I'm going on specs.

I dont exactly like Giant's method of sizing, never tried anything by Look, and steel isn't exactly my thing so LeMond is out at this price range I suppose. I dont really care - Campy or Shimano. My typical rides aren't longer then 40-50 miles, 4-6 times a week, and I do alot of training on those restless rolling hills, but I don't think it makes a diffrence anymore, IMHO I could climb with a lead frame.

There seem to be alot of great deals out on the other boards here, but I'm a little iffy about them for the most part, and again, basically right now I'm going on specs for the 2001 bikes.

So, best bike under $2000?
re: Best bike for under $2000?steelyeyed
Apr 3, 2001 6:19 PM
This spring I shopped the bike shops and narrowed down my search for a new road bike,I narrowed it down to 3 bikes and test rode all of them,then I scoured the internet for the best deal on all of them,I ended up with a Litespeed Arenberg, 105 triple,its got all mid level spec, but I plan to upgrade as my budget allows. It was a 2000 close out and I got it for $1510.29 shipped,I took it to my mechanic (who is not in the retail bike business) and had it tweaked up,new Cateye and changed stem for 66 bucks! I know it may sound unethical, but every bike shop I went to had just as much opportunity to sell me a bike as the internet retailer,make sure the bike fits and you have a good mechanic because you won't get any support after the sale. I'm pretty happy so far though.
STEELYeyed(on Ti)
re: Best bike for under $2000?Jim A
Apr 3, 2001 7:13 PM
K2 Mod 4, mmmm...for me..finally was able to check it out the other day...rode a Mod 5 to just see what they are like..carbon seatstay is a nice touch..and never mind the Cosmic Elite's..Ultegra is the common group in that price range..and most of fit me well..
re: Best bike for under $2000?observer
Apr 3, 2001 8:09 PM
So... how does it ride? I am looking at a Mod 4 or 5 K2, Pics are all I got to go on as they are on the way to the LBS. Great folks at the LBS, but the bike is new, and no one around here has one yet.
Apr 4, 2001 4:01 AM
I would lean towards teh Fuji. or check out Airborne bikes they also have some pretty good deals.
Howevery the Fuji is probably the best bang for the $1. You get full Ultegra 2001, a decent post, bar, and stem. Plus it comes with pedals. That seems to be the best buy so far this year.
Apr 4, 2001 8:07 AM
You might be able to get a better deal than the Fuji Team for $2000, but for a new 2001 model under $1400, NO WAY! I just got one last Friday and it is awesome! My riding buds, who all have high $$, brand-name rides, were in complete awe of it. Check out these specs:

  • Easton Elite frame
  • Reynolds carbon fork
  • Ritchey wheels ($400 aftermarket!)
  • full Ultegra drivetrain, shifters and brakes
  • Speedplay pedals (yes, it comes w/ pedals!)
  • Kore bar and stem
  • American Classic seatpost
  • Selle Italia saddle
  • 18-1/4 lbs for 56cm bike

As you can see, there isn't a single "generic" part on the whole bike! Fuji might not be the "cool" name brand to have, but then again, the Mercury team is riding them. Bikes don't get too much better than this any ways.

Just my 2 cents.

"People are the worst drivers in the world" - Gavin Spomer
Yes Fuji!!SimpleGreen
Apr 7, 2001 6:48 PM
I agree. the Fuji Team is the best bang for the buck. You can probably upgrade to velomax wheels for 350 bucks more--that's
still a bike for 1750. you'll have cash left to buy accessories or nice castelli shorts or something. Go for the fuji and some cool wheels or accessories.

Happy riding!

I'm just so agreeable today...SSA
Apr 4, 2001 9:57 AM
Yes, good points. Or, if certain other things on the bike are not to you liking you can replace those. You might not dig Speedplay pedals (but I do!) as they are quite different from others. You might want a different saddle, one that is more comfortable to YOU. Personally, the only thing I'm going to change is the handlebar (maybe). My 56cm bike came with a 42cm bar. I think I'd be more comfy w/ a 44cm. But the Kore bar is definitely of good quality though. Also, while I too lust after those Velomax wheels, the Ritcheys are not bad at all. While these wheels are also listed aftermarket in Colorado Cyclist, the wheels on the bike have a lower spoke count (24f, 28r vs. 28f, 32r on the aftermarket set). And the spokes are bladed too. Sexy! Fast!
I'm just so agreeable today...SimpleGreen
Apr 4, 2001 10:59 AM
How do you like the 73 degree Seat Tube angle and longish top tube? Also how does it ride? I may pick one up too, since it's such a screaming deal--I have a steel ride that i like, and the fuji would seem to complement it well for hilly rides.

I'm just so agreeable today...SSA
Apr 4, 2001 12:18 PM
I really don't know much about how geometry/dimensions affect the handling or ride. Also, I know more about mountain bike sizes than I do road. Is 73° common or not? Is the top tube on my bike longer than normal? I just know that the bike fits me very well.

The ride is excellent IMO. As far as AL goes, Easton is the real deal. I'm sure it's how it's built too, but from my experience Easton tubed bikes are more compliant than most other AL frame because of their taper butting. The Reynolds carbon fork is VERY comfy! I imagine (I'm guessing) that bladed spokes also add a little compliance too.

Just so you all know, I may be a little over-biased for this bike because I went from a 10 year old, 26 lb, 12spd pig w/ Bio-Pace chainrings (remember those?) to an 18 lb modern road rocket. I can honestly say I'm significantly faster on this bike! :)
73 degSimpleGreen
Apr 4, 2001 4:10 PM
is within the normal range. on the 54cm frame it might be a little slack, but the longer top tube makes up for it. nothing uncommon, but it's different than eurogeometry. In the end, if it fits you, then who cares!!

8 pounds difference is a lot! plus you have more gears and stiffer components--it must be a blast!! Enjoy and see you on the roads!

update, still unsureMrQuestions
Apr 4, 2001 3:52 PM
I already have SPD-R shoes, so I would probably be getting new pedals anyway.

My LBS only carries Specialized road bikes sadly, though Im sure they could order anything else, Im not sure of the price they could get it at, as well as factoring in tax.

The Fuji looks very attractive indeed, 18lbs? But I can't test ride it. Also, does anyone think the extra cash is worth it for the Pro. I think it's slightly heavier but it's the

No input on the Trek? Seems as though if I wanted to spend close to 2000, I might reach for the extra 500 and go for the 5200?

The 2200 double (I would perfer the 2x chain ring anyway) is about the same price as the Fuji Team, but they're not exactly the same components...

I'm not sure.
More infoSimpleGreen
Apr 4, 2001 4:07 PM
You won't really go wrong with these choices, unless you get a bike that doesn't fit.

Trek 5200 is a cool bike. my friends have some. They ride nice and have a good warranty and crash replacement program. it'll cost more though, so you won't be getting bang for the buck.

The bonus with the fuji is that it seems like you don't really know what kind of bike you want. Usually it takes people 1 or 2 bikes before they know what they "really" want in a road bike. so the fuji gets you in with good can swap frames later or just keep the fuji as your B bike. that way you can save the money for a more well-informed purchase next time.

Another Choice: Tomassini sintesi--it's 1700 with ultegra, and you get a frame that should be comfy and last a long time. columbus Neuron rides nicely--stiff but soaks up enough of the road chatter. I ride on neuron now and it's a good well-proven material.

Good luck!
re: Best bike for under $2000?Russell in NJ
Apr 4, 2001 5:31 AM
I bought a Specialized Allez last year for $1100. I also had to buy the pedal and shoes. I test road the Trek 2200 and the cannondale R600 (I think can not remember). I do like the Specialized a lot but it has been in the shop a few times. Had to rebuild the back rim twice. I did upgrade the cassette to Ultegra and the chain to Dura-Ace this year and will upgrade the tires to Michelan. I would go to the LBS and test ride a number of differnet bikes in the price range because it is a personal feel.
re: Also check out the Cannondale....Morgan
Apr 4, 2001 7:48 AM
Cannondale r1000si seams to fit the parameters that you outlined.
Aluminum, equipped w/ 105/ultegra mix, campy wheelset. for under 2000. I was very inpressed.
re: Best bike for under $2000?bayman
Apr 4, 2001 4:42 PM
I would look around for a Klein Quantum Race, I think the retail is around $2500. I picked up last years for $1680. That was last summer.
Full ultegra and rolf wheels, light and fast. I also found a trek 5000 that I could of had for $1500.00. You can find alot of good deals when the new models come out. Good luck
re: Best bike for under $2000?Frank
Apr 4, 2001 5:20 PM
There are lots of bikes that will be wonderful choices for under $2000. One place to look would be

In steel, he has complete bikes (other than pedals) like hand-built Landsharks with Ultegra 9 speed for $1995, Reynolds 853 KHS Flite 800 with Ultegra and Rolf Vector wheels for $1295, etc. He also has a large number of nice aluminum bikes.

Bottom line: $2000 will provide you a great range of choices!