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Shoe recommendations?(4 posts)

Shoe recommendations?kac
Apr 3, 2001 10:33 AM
I'm a road newbie and am looking for a shoe that is versatile enough for road rides, triathlons, and mountain biking. Does such a thing exist, or do I need to look for shoes specific to each sport?

re: Shoe recommendations?PsyDoc
Apr 3, 2001 10:47 AM
I know that there are people here who use their mountain bike shoes and pedals on a road bike. But, I think the soles on mountain bike shoes are not as stiff as they are on road bike shoes (someone please correct me if I am misinformed about this). Plus, road bike shoes are smooth on the bottom while moutain bike shoes typically have some type of tread pattern. If you are going to be doing a lot of road bike riding and triathlons, then I would suggest getting a "road bike" shoe. FWIW, you can get a really good deal on Sidi Genius 3's at Total Cycling [ ].
re: Shoe recommendations?pmf
Apr 3, 2001 11:01 AM
If its Look, Time or some other road specific pedal, then you're pretty much committed to a road shoe. If you're using the old style spd's (or the Ritchey knock-offs) or speed play, then you can use a mtn bike shoe. You'll need the same type of pedals on both your road and mtn bike to make this work. I don't know if the speedplay road and mtn pedals accept the same cleat. If they do, there's a possibility. If not, you could put the frogs on both bikes. The Ritchey road pedal takes the same cleat as a Shimano mtn bike pedal, so there's another possibility.

Probably the most practical thing to do, if you can afford it, is have 2 pairs of shoes and two pedal systems.

Although it may seem uncool, there are times when using a mtn pedal on the road makes sense. I take bike vacations every year. Last year, I took the tour's advice and used Time mtn bike shoes on my road bike. At first, I was resistant to the idea of slapping mtn bike pedals on my titanium road bike. I was glad I did in the end, it was well worth it. We stopped and walked around a lot which was so much easier in a mtn bike shoe. I'm going to use them again this year. My wife uses mtn bike shoes with her Ritchey pedals.

Before you order some shoes from England, go down to a LBS and try them on. I find Sidi shoes to be uncomfortably narrow. Remember, shoes are a lot like shorts -- there may be bargains out there, but if they don't fit quite right, you're going to be regretting it for a long time.
re: Shoe recommendations?Alan
Apr 3, 2001 12:24 PM
I agree with PMF that Sidi's are pretty narrow. However, they just recently introduced the Genius 3 Mega which is a wider shoe. I was told by reps from Veltec, who I think are the importers of Sidi, that Sidi was losing a lot of sales to Carnac whose shoes tend to run much wider than typical cycling shoes.

Anyhow, like the previous posting suggests, definitely try before you buy.