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classic elite vs ultegra/open pro(4 posts)

classic elite vs ultegra/open projayz
Apr 3, 2001 7:31 AM
i need a set of training wheels (i keep falling over)

how do the classic elites compare to a set of open pro's with ultegra hubs?

i found the classics on sale, they are only a little more ($50) than the open pro's

i dont put my wheels thru hell...but i am 6'2" 180lbs so i want something that will "do me well"
i may also use them for cyclcross

re: ultegra/open pro combo ...Breck
Apr 3, 2001 8:58 AM
As has been expressed many times on the board, your choice of Open Pro/ Ultegra would be pretty bomb proof.

My training rough mountain road wheel set:
Front wheel:
Ultegra hub
Dura-Ace steel QR
DT db 15/16 spokes
alum nipps
28 drilling; 3X
Conti tube
Conti 25mm 3000 GP tyre

Rear wheel same except ...
DT db 14/15 spokes
32 drilling

re: ultegra/open pro combo ...empirebikes
Apr 3, 2001 7:08 PM
I would have to think that the classics would be a much stronger wheel than the other option. If nothing else you are going with a cartridge bearing hub as apposed to loose ball bearings. Add in the fact that the classics are designed as a bombproof training/ cyclocross wheel I don't think you would ever have any problems.
Dealer's Choice ...Breck
Apr 4, 2001 12:28 AM
Did not mean my remarks to be a heads or tails option. Have no problems with either loose ball nor cartridge bearings. My pick for off-road wheels are White Industries hubs, triple butted chro-mo rear (adaptable for 130mm or 135mm rear drop outs); Ringle Ti Twister QR's ; 32 drilling Mavic rims (old 117 S.U.P CD); DT db spokes 14/15 ga., 3X; brass nipps; Air-B tubes, Ritchey WCS Z-Max 2.35 skin-wall tyres. And I don't run suspension on the Klein MTB as built her up for technical climbing mainly, but bullet-proof and predictable for down hill bombing.