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Century Training Progress(6 posts)

Century Training ProgressFL Rider
Apr 3, 2001 7:08 AM
Maybe not to important, but since I asked a couple of months ago for century training advice, I thought I would provide an update.

Sunday I completed a 75mile ride and it felt good, weather was excellent, breezy but sunny and clear. Last Sunday, I did a 70 miler(and also killed some time watching the Crit races that were here that day). The big ride is on April 22nd(The Spirit of Cycling Century, in Palm Coast, FL)

I'm gonna back off this Sunday(back to 50miles) and then maybe do 80 the Sunday before the ride. Is that advisable or should I do lighten up the mileage the week before?

Any last minute advice would be welcome. Thanks again.

re: Century Training ProgressWayne
Apr 3, 2001 8:30 AM
How many miles are you doing each week? It sounds like you've done enough "long" days so I don't think you need to do an 80-miler the week before the century--you want to be well rested. The century will be much easier than your 70+ mile individual rides because you'll have camarederie, drafting and feed stops. I've only done 2 centuries and the most I ever rode before my first one was 70 miles. I did that century in 4:42. No problem with finishing, including a final 100 yd burst of 25 mph. Not bad considering wind, hills, etc. One final thought--eat and drink and don't stay off the bike too long at a rest stop. You can ride 3X farther on any given day than what your body is accustomed to as long as you eat, drink and pace yourself. Good luck.
Century Training ...Breck
Apr 3, 2001 9:45 AM
Am 58+ yrs. old and have done some informal bike Century's but pay and ride them for time is on my long list . Live in a remote mountain area and have ridden 80+ mountain road miles averaging 4% grades with no problem in six hours; 8 hour MTB mountain trail rides also. Have done more than a few flat running Marathons and Mountain Half's so will adopt this running training strategy for the bike century "fast-time".
For a Bike Century average 1/3 the distance to be "raced" per day, for 100 miles = ~33 mi/day; 233 mi/week. Then build up to the 100 mile week by riding a percentage of the 100 mile on the week ends up to and beyond the 100 to say ... 115 miles in like terrain a few weeks before the Tour. Then you know you can do it. It is actually a time spent in the saddle thing vs a mileage thing.
Taper the week leading up to the ride by riding easy; rest the day before; then go for it. Typically won't get much sleep the night before a true "race" Tour but is normal. A few warnings ... ride at your own pace; don't get caught up in the "thrill" of it and go out too early too fast; you will feel strong and must know >your< pace. Rule of thumb is minutes ridden/ (run) too fast in the first half of the "race" will cost you twice that time in minutes the last half. A constant pace is best if it is flat. If hilly in the beginning; go out extra easy. If hilly at the end no matter, as you can "die" at the finish. Tours always wind up as races as do "easy" training rides with your buds. The "tour" is popular as the insurance rates are lower for the sponsor's, etc, than races and the Park service won't allow MTB races.
First 100's , then Ultras is the "old man's" goal. Speed in the Spring of youth; endurance in the Fall years. Bury me with my best pair of running and bike shoes. In the old daze of 100 mile running weeks would fast one day of the run but is un-popular now; sport drink being as close as would try.

cheers, bgcc
Quit worrying and go ride!Humma Hah
Apr 3, 2001 10:45 AM
You're ready.

I don't think an 80-miler the previous weekend is necessary. I don't think it will hurt you, either. If you have a choice between riding 80 miles and getting the bike in primo shape, get out the wrenches (and do a shorter test ride afterwards).

Take it easy for a couple of days before the century. Then go have fun -- you'll finish with no problem. I'd lay even odds you could finish a double if you put your mind to it.
Apr 3, 2001 10:56 AM
i would probably go a little light on the milage on that week will probably still be feeling that 80miler for a few days maybe cut it down a bit...

before my first century, i was doing sat rides of 50-70miles....and i had no prob with 100.

good luck!! and have fun.
Apr 3, 2001 5:00 PM
Sounds like your already in a good position. I've done many centuries with less preparation. The adrenaline rush alone is enough on your 1st one to carry you through any tough spots you may have. You always want to gradually increase your mileage PER WEEK, so if your doing 100 in one day, you'll have to cut back on the rides earlier in the week. Take it easy the week before, get your bike tuned up and "purdy"(you can't do 100 mi on a dirty, ugly bike!:-)), then have fun!