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bike in the trunk(7 posts)

bike in the trunkMoneyless
Apr 3, 2001 12:27 AM
Is it ok to do this? I leave the drive train side up. I leave the bike in for about 30 minutes for the drive.

re: bike in the trunkDrD
Apr 3, 2001 3:01 AM
It's fine - as long as it fits! (I actually prefer having the bike inside the car than strapped onto the back) If you can get over the fact that you will sometimes get the car dirty (esp. if you transport the mtb, too) it's the way to go! (actually - a coworker of mine has an XTerra with the built in bike rack, but refuses to use it, and bought an outside rack because they didn't want to get their SUV dirty... pretty sad)
Harry Houdini ...Breck
Apr 3, 2001 7:24 AM
When regular 87 octane gas topped $2.00 a gallon here in San Diego County back country, started using the "old" 1983 FWD Honda Prelude 5-speed to half my gas bill. 35 mpg 1.8 litre dual single throat's; 1,800 lb. GVW .... Vs the 4WD 4.7 litre Access Cab Tundra V8, dual TRD cat-back, K&N filter; 19 mpg 87 octane fuel injected economy; 4,700 GVW). No way the road bike nor the MTB will fit into the trunk of the Prelude and you have to be a Houdini to get it inside the small two-door coupe, which I did more than a few times, finally resorting to a store bought trunk mounted rack.

My first solution was to permanently affix a Bike Tight fork clamp onto the back roof of the Honda and a "V"-shaped alum channel onto the trunk. This would have been a truly useful feature for any bike-dedicated-car. My wife was suspect of the idea and in any case the Honda soon got a head gasket problem needs fixing so maybe "she" did not cotton to the idee much neither.

Then eyeballing the wife's Lexus 3.0 litre RX300 AWD 21 mpg ride, she said "don't even think it(!)". So back to the Tundra and got a Toy bed liner with the notches in the side and made a simple bike fastener from nice stained redwood 2X6 cut to fit across the bed and Bike Tight's attached to haul one to three bikes; six bikes max if you use both bed notches.

At one time me and my bud George would ride the 20 miles pave up to the trail head in the Laguna Mountains to do the 2 hour MTB ride with the Boyz, me the Klein and Geo an early Specialized Stump Jumper, then ride back almost getting into town before the Boyz as we had no bikes to load, etc. The road OCLV typically start from the gate on the dirt road using 25 mm Conti's to get to the paved part and am off. We use the truck to go to bike start points ~35 or more mountain miles away (Borrego desert), otherwise we ride starting an hour or so earlier.

Of course it's OK.E3
Apr 3, 2001 7:45 AM
It's OK. I stuff mine almost daily into the trunk of my 1999 Mazda Protege for my 100 mile round trip commute to work (I ride at lunch).
I fold down the back seats, and my bike slides in easily, drivetrain-side up. This protects it from the elements: sand, rain, mud, bugs, flying rocks, etc.
re: bikes in the trunkfuzzybunnies
Apr 3, 2001 8:00 AM
When going to a race with a friend I put 2 bikes in the trunk, putting a blanket between them, and usually a set of mtb in the back seat to ride on the way home. They fit with no additional scratches. TTFN
re: bike in the trunkpmf
Apr 3, 2001 9:15 AM
Sure, its half the reason my wife and I bought a Volvo wagon. Put the back seat down and I can fit all kinds of stuff in there.

When we first got it, I bought a piece of thin carpet and cut it out to cover the back. I then had a carpet shop sew the ends so it wouldn't fray. Pretty cheap upholstrey cover. Volvo wanted $250 for something pretty similar. I also use cheap moving blankets you can buy at Home Depot for about $15 to go in between the bikes.
re: bike in the trunkdonalson
Apr 3, 2001 5:25 PM
i usualy put the bike in the back seat of my geo prizm (well "ours" as i am married) never tried the trunk of it, when i had my '85 trecel hatch i'd put the back seat down and i could fit 2 bikes stacked on each other (between a blanket)

and the most talented one was when we took my friends car a mid 80's nissan pulsar NX sweet car but small, had to put down the rear seats and slid the bikes (yes 2 of them) though, worked well nuff :)