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Longer cranks(2 posts)

Longer cranksCJ
Apr 2, 2001 11:35 PM
Ok, here it is. I am wanting to swap out my 170mm cranks with some 175's. Now I know that this might slow my spinning a bit, but I'm striving for the ability to turn bigger gears. I'm hoping that this change might allow me to find the right feel while climbing.

At any rate, by installing 5mm longer cranks, I will be able to lower my saddle by 5mm to account for the extra reach I will need.
By the same token I will have to move my saddle 5mm farther forward to keep my neutral knee position. So if I do this, then I'm guessing that I will want to lower my stem 5mm and also install a 5mm longer stem to keep my overall position and feel the same.

So heres my real question. If I do this, I will have moved my entire body weight 5mm closer to the front wheel. Is this something that I will notice or even care about? Or is this something that might really throw the feel of my bike off?

I may not know until I experiment, but if anybody has any thoughts, please share.

re: Longer cranksmuncher
Apr 3, 2001 3:37 AM
5mm?? I'll be very interested to know if you notice any difference whatsoever to your performance. As for 5 mm forward shift - ditto - less than an slight shift in saddle position whilst riding...