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which bike for long-distance touring?(2 posts)

which bike for long-distance touring?pheining
Apr 2, 2001 8:29 AM
This summer I will tour across the United States. I'm having a tough time finding the right bike for this trip mostly because I am a small woman- 5'2", and most "touring-specific" bikes are just barely too big. So far the Trek 2200 wsd feels the best. Would this bike be okay for a van-supported 52-day trip (I'll only carry a trunk bag on a rack), even though it isn't built for true "touring"? Any suggestions?
check atlantis--I think they go down to 47cmCory
Apr 2, 2001 8:40 AM
This isn't a very complicated choice--any bike that feels good for a long time should be OK for that kind of tour. I just bought an Atlantis frame from Rivendell (, and I love it for everything I've done so far. Mine's a 64cm, but I think the small end of the scale goes down to 47 or so.
When you're trying bikes, be sure the one you THINK is too big (or somebody SAYS is too big) actually IS too big. The trend the last several years has been to small frames with lots of seatpost showing and a big reach down to the handlebars. A lot of the people you see riding around are on bikes that are actually too small. Rivendell has a section on fit that might be helpful--I'm more comfortable since I read it than I've been on any of the bikes I've owned before.