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Scandiam frames-is it all that?(5 posts)

Scandiam frames-is it all that?gsxrawd
Apr 2, 2001 1:57 AM
Are Scandiam frames really are that or is it just hype?
re: Scandiam frames-is it all that?Kevin Lutz
Apr 2, 2001 8:53 AM
It's just a bunch of hype. Consider a Scandiam frame along with all other aluminum frames.
Not so fast, buckolook271
Apr 2, 2001 12:37 PM
All alum frames don't ride the same (I know; I've had 2 and they rode vastly different), so it's making a large assumption that they ride just like every other alu frame. While I can't speek from experience with a Sc frame, I've read very positive things about them, so it may be worthwile to at least ride one and decide for yourself.
Not so fast, buckodistressed
Apr 2, 2001 12:51 PM
I build aluminum and scandium frames, as well as steel. They are tools. rider weight, good fit, and usages are more important than
what someone has to say about it. Also, who built it? Did they
burn it as they built it? Did they build it to fit your needs?
What fork did they put on it? Does it carry a warranty in case
of material fault or handler error (builders screw ups, or heat treatment error, like, it didnt get heat treated--It happens more
than you hope!) Rygin, Bianchi, Giant, etc. Economical, and great
bikes, but race them and leave them. 7 year warranty, raced hard,
put away in 2. Still, if you want a 16 lb bike, scandium is where
its at. Next year the industry will talk Magnesium composites.
Specialized is still talking 6069 hybrid tubing. They will have
to keep up. If you want sturdy then talk the new steels.
Not so fast, buckogreg willy
Apr 3, 2001 10:44 AM
just curious what the next level of steel will be, or what the new steels are that you are talking about. in your opinion, which truly does give the best ride given that it is sized correctly? thanks