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Any thoughts on arthroscopic knee surgery?(4 posts)

Any thoughts on arthroscopic knee surgery?slowideclyde
Mar 30, 2001 2:52 PM
An orthopedist yesterday recommended I either get my knee scoped or just do nothing and deal with it after x-rays he ordered showed no structural damage. He could've used some lessons in bedside manner especially since he later remarked with a smirk that I could also sell one of my bikes to pay for an MRI since I'm presently uninsured. Not exactly the time to be making smart arsed comments, eh? Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has had a knee scoped or tried an alternative and how things turned out, especially long term. If If I get it scoped, I don't want recurring problems cropping up every year and forcing me to get an annual knee scope.
re: Any thoughts on arthroscopic knee surgery?Akirasho
Mar 30, 2001 3:41 PM
Sorry to hear you're having troubles...

You might wanna consider changing orthopods... I sought out a Sports Med specialist who's also a cyclist for my case.

I've been scoped twice, both times for the relatively minor repair of a torn meniscus (both knees). The last one was clearly illustrated by and diagnosed after an MRI.

Here's my take in brief. I waited a couple of years before I had the first one done... and suffered a bit during that time. Once done, it was like night and day (after recovery of course). When the other knee was diagnosed, it was an easy call... and I was in surgery within the week.

I don't know what your specifics are, but in my case, it was worth it both times... and given my current doc, I wouldn't hesitate (much) for any new procedures (which I'll have to have for a different problem).

Recovery from the last surgery took a few months. My last surgery was February 02 of last year... by June, I was riding fairly well... by September, I was peaking.

I believe that in general, a torn menisci is a hinderance that can be lived with for a while. Other conditions might be more pressing and need immediate attention to prevent further damage. I can appreciate not having insurance. Luckily, both of my surguries coincided with coverage, but there were uninsured times when I worried a bit. Hopefully, you'll be able to see your way clear of the financial side so's to concentrate of the physical.

Also note that the first condition's diagnosis was confirmed under the scope (about 11 years ago)... the second by MRI (before the cut) so that sounds like the best way to go given the current state of the art (Yikes... took two hours on that table! Had both knees done at the same time). Scopes are generally less invasive than knee rippers of days past and therefore, pain is less (I've still got tons of pain meds left over) and recovery is quicker.

Good luck and...

Be the bike.
re: Any thoughts on arthroscopic knee surgery?Frank
Mar 30, 2001 8:41 PM
I had knee pain from the beginning of the 1999 season, but attributed it to not getting to ride a trainer during the winter because of a move. The knee pain never kept me from riding, but after riding a couple of days in a row it would hurt more and I would have to ice and elevate it.

I rode all spring, summer, and early fall like that by just going to regular doctor using Celebrex and ice and elevation until the season was near an end. I then went and had an MRI before going to an orthopedic surgeon in 9/99. The MRI showed severely torn medial meniscus, but the good news was the surgery was easy (arthroscopic) and 10 days after the surgery I went for a 20 mile ride. It took a few months for the little occasional reminder of swelling and an occasional twinge to go away but that was 15 months ago and
all is well.

Suggestions? Get medical opinions outside of this forum ;-). Start rehab exercises early before surgery if it is required...find an orthopedic surgeon familiar with athletic and especially cycling injury and rehab. The surgeon also said cycling is the best therapy and my damage wasn't caused by the bike. He said it was just over time (I am 44) and that some things to do to help prevent damage are don't have a too low saddle, cover the knees when cold out, don't push big gears or climb big hills early, and do exercises to strengthen the kneecap area.
re: Any thoughts on arthroscopic knee surgery?Brad b
Apr 1, 2001 3:55 PM
I have had both acl's reconstructed, and a seperate scope on one, the acl's were 10 years apart one was cut open 35 staples they other was done by a scope. The scope is a lot easier and faster and not a big deal. Listen to the advice of the previos posters it is good. You didn't really say or may know what or how bad the problem is. As my doctor told me you can get it fixed now, get it fixed latter, or do nothing and see how it is. Maybe wait untell you are insured then get the MRI, then with the doctors help choose your path. All the time your waiting just be sure to keep pedaling your butt off, it can only help.