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48.5 mph(7 posts)

48.5 mphjacu
Mar 30, 2001 1:49 PM
Hit 48.5 mph on a down hill run today! Fun Fun. First ride of the year where I opened up the legs a little. Great ride.

And, on the way back into town, I had this sighting: a woman smoking a cigarette as she was talking on a cell phone while piloting an SUV with two young unrestrained kids!

What a beautiful day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
48.5 mph and I still get dropped...Bruno S
Mar 30, 2001 8:00 PM
Thats also about my max. speed during the Saturday rides with the racing club. The problem is that I usually get dropped! My highest gear is 52-12 and I need to spin at 120+ to top 48 mph. Next bike will have an 11 gear cog.
48.5 mph and I still get dropped...donalson
Mar 30, 2001 8:35 PM
if i rember right i hit 50 flat, road on a rigid MTB, man that was scary :) that was in panama (centeral america)

fun stuff :) i doubt i'll be up there on my road bike w/ in the year, theres no hills in panama city FL :(


i think my 1 thought when i hit those speeds is something like this..."don't fall now, don't fall now"
Mar 31, 2001 8:21 PM
My only thought at 55 on a decent was "man I wish this hill was longer" I've since been looking for the hill I could hit 70 on. If anypne has any recommendations for a hill in the catskill/adirondack/bershires region please let me know. TTFN
48.5 mph and I still get dropped...eoind
Apr 10, 2001 8:26 AM
My fastest is only 42mph, but I did once get caught by an automatic speeding camara doing 39mph in a 30mph zone. I always have a quiet laugh when I think about the cop looking at that photo wondering how he is going to get his £60 fine.
i hit 54 drafting a trash truckmondo mike
Mar 31, 2001 6:20 PM
we passed a jeep full of girls, its very cool to pass cars
in the fast lane on a bike! but i did cost me some money to
fix my cracked wheels when i had to bunny hop over a curve
onto grass and back onto the road at 40 mph! thank good for
bmx and trials skills.
Watched Breaking Away recently?? :) (nm)DG
Apr 1, 2001 3:45 PM