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Ride for the Roses(4 posts)

Ride for the RosesLanterne Rouge
Mar 30, 2001 10:05 AM
Anyone planning to do the Ride for the Roses in Austin on April 8? I'm thinking about riding to the start, since it's a metric rather than full century. Any local advice or tips?
re: Ride for the RosesGreg Taylor
Mar 30, 2001 12:00 PM
Did it last year and had a blast. Riding to the event is probably a good idea -- the traffic around the Fairgrounds was utterly horrendous. Watch for traffic...

Last year it was a mass start, meaning that everyone rolled at once. If you are in the front "fast" group, the first 30 or so miles was fast and tightly packed. Everyone wanted to move up and ride with Lace and company. With the big group and a terrific tailwind, folks were flying. It got kinda dangerous when the route turned onto a highway (I'm not local, so don't ask me...) and the lane was marked with orange cones. There were multiple pace lines all passing on the outside, meaning that the orange cones would be running down the middle of the thundering herd. Some folks didn't see them coming up, hit them and and went down HARD. Deciding that 30 mph in close quarters with folks that I don't know wasn't a good long-range strategy, I backed off and enjoyed the scenery. The strong tailwind turned into a strong headwind on the return leg.

I'm jealous -- it was a wonderful weekend.
re: Ride for the Rosessimstress
Apr 1, 2001 8:42 AM
Riding to the start is a good idea. You'll just pass by the parking lot of cars on 290. I might do the same thing, but I can't think of a spot sufficiently far out to park the car.

The course includes a hill or two or five. I rode last year's RftR despite <100 miles of training; the last hill up to the finish almost finished me off.

This is a popular ride with the locals due to the publicity, so lots of less-seasoned riders will be present.

If you need any service for your bike while you're in Austin, visit the fellas at Cycle360 on Capital of Texas Hwy (aka Loop 360).

Try to check out the expo at packet pickup-- lots of eye candy!
re: Ride for the Rosesmr_spin
Apr 2, 2001 3:05 PM
Did it last year, too. I was staying downtown and had a bus ride, but I saw lots of people riding to the start last year. But I remember arriving when it was still kind of dark! Since it was a mass start ride, we had to be there before 7am. I guess you have the option of starting later, but I was with a group.

My first mass start ride! There were something like 5000 people starting at the same time. I went out on the tail end of the first group, but there was no tailwind that I could detect! It was cool out on the highway because you could see a paceline that stretched on for miles. Quite a sight! I worked my way into a few fast groups and we moved up wherever there was room. I was really surprised by the quality of riders around me. Everyone seemed to know how to do pacelines pretty well. No one was scary and no one got toppled. Can't imagine what it would be like if you started later with the less experienced folks! Hooked up with about 8-10 guys after the first rest stop and we absolutely flew around the course. That was a hell of a good time, but I had to let them go at the 75 mark. By then, the headwind had turned to a strong crosswind, which was unpleasant. My fastest century ever: just over 5 hours. Nice countryside out there. I think the course is different this year. It's a shame they don't have a 100m this year. I would have gone.